Are Fast Food Restaurants like Mcdonalds and Burger King on the way out

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Let me ask you this: Do YOU go to McDonald’s and Burger King as much as you used to? I’d venture to guess your answer is ‘no’. While McDonald’s and Burger King are growing into an over-seas market, their North American revenues have tapered. Popular movies like Super Size Me and books like Fast Food Nation have done a tremendous job at turning consumer attention over to the horrible health risks associated with fast food indulgence. What used to be viewed as a quick and tasty means of filling your appetite is increasingly being viewed as a quick and easy means to ballooning your waistline. Frequent fast food eating is now plainly exposed as a serious health risk.

This means that Burger King and McDonald’s are constantly being put to the test. What may loom as the most frightening development, at least in the minds of Burger King and McDonald’s CEOs, is the media’s increasing attention to the issues that surround fast food consumption. Internet and television news shows, radio programs, and every form of publication have begun a strong campaign to draw consumer attention to health food alternatives, to the staggering health risk statistics associated with fast food consumption, and to a powerful portrayal of the stories of real people whose unhealthy eating habits led to serious health complications. All together, the media is drawing a gruesome picture of the consequences of our high calorie, questionable quality diets. Among the nation’s most influential suppliers of fast-food, McDonald’s and Burger King are most often targeted as the main facilitators for these diets.

As media forces slowly make our society more health-conscious, Burger King and McDonald’s are faced with either the option to shape up or ship out. Thanks in large part to the principals of capitalism and our free-market economy, consumer demand will continue to shape the future of the fast food industry. As the market for healthy food grows and grows and GROWS, large corporations like Burger King and McDonald’s will either have to introduce a wide array of healthy menu options or make room for an even wider array of up-start companies just fumbling over each other to meet the consumer demand for food that not only tastes good but is actually good for you.

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