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Research Shows That a Peg of Wine a Day Keeps Away Depression in Older People

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Researches in Spain have found that individuals in the age group of 55-80 who consumed 2-7 small glasses of wine in a week were less depressed when compared to their non-drinking companions.

There are several researches that have proved that light wine drinking safeguards your heart, but a new research has proved that a peg of wine a day could keep away the blues in aged people.

The Spain researchers assessed 2,683 men and 2,822 women between 55 and 80 years over a period of seven years. All the participants did not have any alcohol-related issues or depression history when the research started. They had to finish an authorized 137-piece food frequency form yearly so as to analyze their alcohol consumption and their lifestyle and mental health was assesses throughout the research period.

The results of the research showed that people who consumed alcohol in moderate amounts (5g to 15 g per day) were less inclined to be affected by this common mood disorder. Further, people who took wine in moderate amounts on a weekly basis (2-7 glasses per week) were even less likely to suffer from depression. On the other hand, if consumption of wine increases more than 7 glasses per week the risk of depression could also increase.

The research authors indicate that there are several strengths for this research, including the vast size of sample, they caution of few restrictions. The researchers said that they were not exclusively making use of a clinical depression diagnosis. Most probably, there were achieving a high specificity at the cost of losing out on sensitivity. Further, there is a probability that alcohol intake patterns could be related to decisions to look for care.

The results of the research were published in the BMC Medicine journal on August 30 (Friday). These results were noteworthy even when the scientists modified for other social and lifestyle factors like diet, smoking, and marital status.

On the other hand, previous researches had showed that non-alcoholic elements in wine, like resveratrol and phenolic elements could have protective effects on specific brain areas.

Associate Prof. Susan Ramsey, working in the psychiatry and human behavior department at the Warren Alpert Medical School (Brown University) based in Providence commented that it was very early to consider drinking as a good evasion against depression. She said “”At this point, it would be premature to make any recommendations regarding alcohol or wine consumption as a means of preventing the onset of depression.”

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Is Your Doctor Out of Date?

I very rarely will go to a doc unless I know someone else who has been to them and had a good experience. One thing I think that seems to be lacking in doctor’s offices today is bedside manner — many times you are treated just like a number and not a person.

The main issue I have had with my doctor (previous now) is an unwillingness to order tests or write referrals. Over the last year or two, I have injured my knee and elbow pretty badly. My insurance requires a referral to see an orthopedist, but my doctor wouldn’t write one. In fact, she merely glanced at my knee and elbow and decided without any x-ray or MRI that the elbow was sprained and the knee is likely just a result of a muscle inbalance pushing on the knee cap. 6 months later, the elbow still hurts, the knee is collapsing during regular, everyday activities and I am searching for a new doctor. Over the years, there have been several occasions in which she was negligent. I have only just begun to realize this, which is partially my own fault for trusting her judgement. There was a time when I was having severe abdominal pain and passing blood. She blew it off as gas and a fissure, regardless of a family history of colon cancer. Other smaller issues have also come up. I am curious (and scared) as to what my new doctor will find once a full work-up is done. I am not a lawsuit person, but if I find that there is damage to my knee or elbow, or there is a complication involving the abdominal pain and related issues, I will sue her. I am a 26 year old, active woman and as far as I am concerned, her negligence may directly be responsible for the deterioration of my health and lifestyle. Unfortunately, it took talking to another doctor to realize the extent of the problem. I’ve also been told recently that many doctors deny referrals because the insurance companies give them bonuses if they come in under a certain number. The sad fact is that in the current climate, very few doctors actually care for patients.

If you can please change your primary care doctor. Also, from experience, I can tell you unless you lost a limb or something equally bad, it is very hard to sue a doctor in Illinois. You would need an expert witness in the same specialty to testify against the doctor. Expert witnesses are costly, $10,000 and up. Get a free consult with a lawyer. But to be positive concentrate on getting the best health care you can find and research treatments. Get well and just focus on good health.

I can and have changed my primary care doctor. The issue is getting an appointment and find a doctor who is accepting new patients. I have an appointment set up in the near future. I live in PA, where malpractice suits and insurance is getting so out of control, doctors are leaving and moving to south jersey to practice. If I had to sue, I could. I doubt I will, but it’s frustrating to know I may now have damage to two joints that could have been prevented, or at the very least treated, months ago.

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Have people given you crap because you make time to work out?

My morbidly obese secretary (who is diabetic, has ruined joints and back problems, high blood pressure and smokes) is constantly degrading me because I eat right and exercise daily. Others in the office badger me to eat cake, ice cream or cookies if there are some in the office, and the comment I get most often is, “you’re skinny, you don’t need to work out or watch what you eat.” Then they dismiss me and claim that they don’t have time to work out.

Are you kidding? I’m thin BECAUSE I work out and watch what I eat! And I’m not remotely skinny, I lift weights and run and I’m at a healthy weight. It’s not easy, but I do it because health problems and obesity run in my family. And I MAKE time to keep healthy! I have a stressful work schedule but I make sure to get my workouts in every day and seek out healthier foods even when I travel.

It’s sad that obesity has become such an epidemic that those of us who choose to lead a healthy lifestyle are ridiculed for it.

I get this ALL OF THE TIME. Thank god I finally have a co-worker who I work closely with who also is responsible enough to lead a healthy lifestyle, so I don’t have to deal with it from 8 AM to 6 PM every freaking day. I’m also thankful that I’m not weak enough to cave to peer pressure from people who look like crap and act like they are miserable. Guess what guys? I don’t workout 5 hours a day. I workout enough to maintain my weight and muscle tone. Most of my workouts are fun and a great way to relax and spend time with friends. I don’t do it primarily to look a certain way. I do it to improve my life. The same goes for food. Why the hell would I want to binge on junk food that doesn’t even taste right when I can eat good food that is healthy, satisfying and delicious? If I am going to eat a treat I’m not going to waste it on something gross and unsatisfying like a McDonald’s burger and fries, a grocery store cake, potato chips or a piece of crappy hershey’s chocolate. That’s not even appealing. What a waste! My food tastes better and doesn’t leave me loaded with unhealthy fat, sodium, excess calories and feeling like crap. If I’m going to get a treat I’ll go to a decent place, get a good burger, made with quality beef, cooked medium rare, with good, real cheese, yummy fixings and a side of good, hand cut fries and split it with a friend or buy a small, high quality dark chocolate bar and eat a couple squares each day. Either that or I’ll go to the store, buy the ingredients and make it myself. Since making cookies, a cake, fudge, brownies, etc. is more expensive than going to McDonald’s and making good, homemade burgers takes time, I do it less. Eating healthy costs me less in time and money, tastes better and makes me feel better.

I enjoy my life and my food. I probably enjoy both more than the majority of people who make nasty comments to me or try to pressure me to overeat/ eat crap. I don’t deserve to have my healthy lifestyle or physique taunted so that you can feel better for not taking care of yourself. Instead of wasting your time being jealous of someone for their healthy choices, why don’t you ask them for tips and start making some of those healthy choices for yourself.

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Will The New Plus-Sized Dating Show Improve Body Image Issues?

If anyone believes that this show will encourage people to be overweight, then they need their head examined. Why is it so hard to understand that fat people want and deserve love and happiness like everyone else? To think that there is something so wrong with overweight\obes, etc. people that they don’t even deserve such basic human rights is sick and so very sad.

I don’t watch reality shows and won’t be watching this one; they will use it as another way to make fun of “plus sized” people. I don’t see anything good coming out of this. Most fat people already think that we deserve the good things in life too. If you have to have a show like this to try and explain that to all the so called “normal” people, then you’re wasting your time. Their pre-conceived ideas of who deserves what are already entrenched in their thinking and a silly reality show isn’t going to change that. This is exploitation, pure and simple.

I’m so sick of hearing people preach that being overweight is ok. It’s NOT OK. While being too thin can obviously be dangerous and cause many health problems, so can being overweight. Now, 5 10, even 20 lbs overweight isn’t that big a deal. But being morbidly obese and thinking that it’s perfectly ok is ridiculous, not to mention ignorant. I used to be obese. At my heaviest, I weighed 252 lbs. While my husband couldn’t stand it, and feared for my health, my female friends told me to celebrate it and be comfortable with my body. Please tell me what there was to celebrate and be comfortable with? When I weighed 252 lbs I had zero energy, I had horrible back problems, I had headaches all the time, and couldn’t play outside with my daughter for longer than 10 minutes at a time before I had to catch my breath. Taking a load of clothes downstairs to the laundry room had me feeling like I had just run a marathon. I have lost 70 lbs, and I feel 10000 times better. No more back problems, no more headaches, and I can almost keep up with my child now. I didn’t lose the weight because I wanted to get skinny and wear cute clothes, I lost the weight because I wanted to get healthy. People need to lose the skinny and fat images and learn what HEALTHY looks and feels like.

So, I watched a little bit of this show last night, just to see what it was like. I was really hoping that it was a nice show, boy was I surprised!

For the couple of girls that I heard speak, they are very ugly and by that I mean rude! How dare one of them call slender people, skinny bitches and that supposedly if you are slender that you don’t eat pretty much at all!

I was just so disgusted by these girls that I turned off the show and I will refuse to watch it and continue to post comments such as these, letting people know that this show has really crossed the line.

I just want to go on the record saying, that I have watched the Bachelorette ever since it started and I don’t ever recall them saying anything rude about bigger women.

These people need a reality check!!

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Are You Loosing The Ingrown Hair Battle ?

It is estimated that between 60 – 80% of African american men, and 20% of Caucasian men are prone to ingrown hairs.  Women of all stripes continue to have this problem also.  An ingrown hair is a painful red bump on the skin.  They usually appear anywhere we shave… and often in clusters.  What happens is the hair breaks off below the skin.  It begins to grow at an angle into the side of the hair follicle ! Now we have it,  I grew tired of this painful distraction…. and the embarrasment it caused me.  I’ll tell you the information I’ve learned… so you can win the ingrown hairs battle…  as I have.

Here is a little more info on ingrown hairs infections.

Ingrown hairs aren’t pretty and they aren’t pleasant to have.  They are often triggered by shaving.  Also they are common anywhere there is curly hair.  The hairs are hairs that curve back into the follicle, causing swollen, red bumps known as razor bumps that can be painful and embarrassing.  And they are more common in people who shave very closely, because sometimes the hairs retract slightly into the skin after shaving and then cannot find a proper exit as they grow.  They are tender bumps that appear on the skin when closely cut hairs curl back and re-enter the same hair follicle causing inflammation and infection.

Ingrown hairs are extremely common around the pubic area, and are actually caused by shaving, waxing, and depilatory creams.  They are known as Psuedofolliculitis Barbae , razor bumps, razor burn, hair bumps, shaving bumps, ingrowns.  Most hairs are caused from improper shaving.  Another cause of ingrown hairs are clothing that is too tight around the neck or legs, commonly shaved areas for men and women respectively.  With the rise in Brazilian waxing, they are increasingly present in the pubic area.

Infection can occur if the condition is left unattended to and the rash is exposed to bacteria.  Bacteria, yeasts, or fungi infections can further exacerbate the problem, and there are even acne variants of this same condition.  Unerring ingrown hairs treatment can be achieved with the use of natural and effective products which defend the dermis from infection after hair removal and sooth, moisturize and regenerate damaged skin.  When needed, treatment may include: Topical antiseptics, antibiotics, if an infection is present, and permanent hair removal, in stubborn cases.

Permanent hair removal is always an option if ingrown hairs become a chronic condition.  Laser is normally a permanent method of hair removal, although there are no 100% guarantees.  Anyway, if you suffer from painful and recurrent hairs, it’s worth looking into a permanent hair removal procedure.  Electrolysis or permanent laser hair removal can also help prevent the problem.

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Get Rid Of Cellulite On Thighs Fast With These Outstanding Tips

Thousands of girls have already started seeing the effects of just what the fitting cellulite removing cream can do. You don’t have to be pissed off with the way in which your legs look anymore.

Learn how to get rid of cellulite on thighs, hips and buttocks is a query that plagues the thoughts of most people. Though, ladies are extra prone to cellulite, some males additionally suffer from it. With an look of a cottage cheese, cellulite deposits can critically alter the form of a person making their skin quiet chubby with fat. It accumulates mostly on the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and arms of a person including varied other areas of the body. Ladies who are health and sweetness acutely aware constantly attempt to cut back the cellulite deposits of their physique by any means possible.

With the intention to do away with cellulite on thighs or different areas of the body in the fastest method possible many even contemplate turning to surgical procedures such as laser cellulite discount or liposuction. These surgical procedures are supposedly capable of cut back the cellulite ranges in the body. Nevertheless they don’t seem to be fully secure and might have many critical after effects. Cellulites come again after some time and subsequently can’t be handled each time by performing a surgery. They can be lowered and controlled more effectively by using varied natural strategies that don’t hurt the body in any way.

To reduce the cellulite deposits from the body in a natural and wholesome manner, the very first thing that needs to be carried out is exercising frequently. Working out the muscle tissues and burning fat not only helps in decreasing the cellulite ranges but also keeps a person match and trim. Primary cardiovascular workout routines like working and cycling can work up quiet a sweat and can assist in reducing the fat from the hips and thighs along with the belly. Aside from that, doing light weight exercises like leg curls; bench and ball squats can effectively scale back the cellulite and fat ranges in the thighs, hips and buttocks area.

One other strategy to eliminate cellulite on thighs and different areas of the body consists of present process therapeutic massage therapy. It improves the circulation and lymphatic drainage that helps in treating the affected area. Moreover all of this, eating healthy and low starch or low fat meals is extraordinarily essential to manage the cellulite ranges in the body. Avoiding any form of junk or fatty foods can scale back the pointless consumption of unhealthy energy which can later on get deposited as fat on varied parts of the body. Eating a extremely nutritious protein weight loss plan can truly help in burning the additional calories thereby reducing the cellulite ranges safely and naturally.

Most of us aren’t that concerned with cellulite and do not stress an excessive amount of about, until we come across the primary patch of dimpled pores and skin, in all probability someplace on the abs, thighs or buttocks. That’s when we begin trying to find a cellulite removal technique or the best cellulite cream, turning into desperate to seek out learn how to eliminate cellulite fast.

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Top 5 Fat Loss Myths

There is glut of information on the web with regard to fat loss. Here are my top five fat loss myths de-coded for you.

1.Spot reducing is possible.

It is physically impossible to spot reduce. Body fat is reduced all over and usually the place you want it to come off is the last place it does. I once heard some one say, “If spot reduction really worked, then chewing gum would give you a skinny face.”

2. Abdominal exercises will flatten your stomach.

Muscle is muscle, and fat is fat. It’s true that muscle helps you burn fat, but no matter how many abdominal exercises you do, if you have fat surrounding your abdomen, the exercises will not make it disappear.

3. The bathroom scale is a good way to track weight loss.

No, the proof that you are actually losing weight is in your pants! If your pants are getting looser and your shirt’s a little baggy (especially in the chest area), then you are losing weight.

4. If I exercise, I can eat whatever I want.

If you consume more calories than you burn off in a day, you’ll gain weight. Find a balance between food and exercise. Remember that a pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories, so you need a combination of fewer calories and more exercise to burn off a pound.

5. If I am sweating during my work-out, I am losing fat.

The body sweats in response heat. As your body heats up during exercise, it sweats to cool down. The amount of sweat is related to your body’s ability to maintain a normal body temperature.

As much as we may wish for it, there’s no magic bullet out there that will help you lose weight. If you want to shed unwanted pounds, dedicate time to exercise and watch what you eat. The two go hand in hand. It’s hard work, but the results are worth it for your mind, body and soul.

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Are Food Sensitivities Making You Sick?

Food sensitivities can be the culprit in all kinds of health problems — from headaches to chronic tummy problems — and they’re more common than you might think. Naturopath Sara Celik explains what causes food sensitivities and how you can figure out if you’re affected.

Q: What are food sensitivities?

A: Food sensitivities are conditions that can cause the individual suffering from them to have an immune reaction in response to eating certain foods. Your body’s immune system, which is meant to protect you from pathogens and other harmful elements, ends up being activated by the particular food that you have a sensitivity to.

If you experience a severe allergic reaction immediately after being exposed to an allergen (offending food), you have experienced a Type I hypersensitivity reaction (IgE). However, if you feel subtle, uncomfortable symptoms hours or days after exposure, this may be a delayed hypersensitivity reaction, a Type III reaction (IgG), also referred to as a food sensitivity.

Q: Are they common?

A: Food sensitivities, unfortunately, are quite common in North America and are directly related to the average North American diet and an over-consumption of processed foods (junk food, fast food), foods that create inflammation in the body (dairy), suppress the immune system (sugars, refined carbohydrates) and high-fat meats or other foods high in saturated fats.

Q: What kinds of problems/reactions can they cause?

A: Food sensitivities can cause symptoms that range from very mild (face flushing after eating certain foods, or bloating) to fairly severe. In my practice, I have successfully treated the following conditions by addressing food sensitivities: headaches, chronic yeast infections, digestive disturbances, fatigue and skin conditions (acne, psoriasis and eczema).

Q: How can you tell if you have a sensitivity to a certain type of food?

A: The problem with a person trying to determine food sensitivities on their own is that the symptoms that evidence a food sensitivity may be so mild that the person doesn’t even consider them to be an indication of a problem. In addition, a symptom evidencing a food sensitivity may be removed in time from the ingestion of the offending food and the person may not remember how eating a certain food made them feel.

Two effective tools used by naturopathic doctors to determine food sensitivities are elimination diets, which restrict a person to very few foods and then gradually reintroduce certain foods to determine what foods cause what responses, and blood tests, which determine food sensitivities based on the presence of antibodies in a person’s bloodstream in response to eating certain foods.

Q: If you do have a food sensitivity, do you have to steer clear of that food forever?

A: In some instances, depending upon the severity of the reaction, yes. In other cases, the individual will have to weigh the desirability of indulging in the particular food against the discomfort and duration of the symptoms. Most of my patients completely remove offending foods from their diet for a period of three months. After the three-month period, many of them find that they can reintroduce the foods in moderation with little or no reaction at all.

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Abnormal Pap Smears? Quit Smoking and Eat More of These Foods

Each week, holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy tells us about a common health problem she’s seen in her practice and how she came to a solution.

This Week’s Client: Mandy, a 33-year-old nurse who smokes and loves frozen dinners.

The Problem: Mandy originally came to me for help losing a stubborn ten pounds, but I ended up consulting her on her recurring abnormal pap smears.

Cervical dysplasia (otherwise known as an “abnormal” pap smear) is generally regarded as a precancerous lesion. This doesn’t mean that cancer has developed, but if left untreated, it can lead to the big C. Your risk increases if you smoke, take oral contraceptives or if you have low levels of certain nutrients – vitamin C, B6, beta carotene, folic acid and selenium.

Mandy was enthusiastic and eager to make some lifestyle changes, but we had our work cut out for us: She smoked, took the birth control pill and although she ate reasonably healthy most of the time, she had no variety in her diet at all and ate frozen dinners far too often. My aim was to improve her nutritional status and encourage her to quit smoking.

There are many theories as to why smoking is a major risk factor for cervical cancer such as smoking depresses immune function, induces vitamin C deficiency, as well as the fact vaginal cells may concentrate carcinogenic compounds from inhaled smoke. I suggested she start Genestra’s Stop Smoking homeopathic remedy that other clients (even ones who smoked for over 30 years) have great success with, along with a custom-tailored nutrition plan.

Nutritional considerations

Nutrition was my primary focus as 67 percent of people with cervical cancer have nutritional deficiencies particularly in vitamin C, B6, beta-carotene, folic acid and selenium. I encouraged her to eat more colourful foods, richer in variety and to focus on these foods in particular:

Vitamin C rich foods: Strawberries, cauliflower, papaya, bell peppers, oranges, kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts.

B6 rich foods: Whole grains such as quinoa, brown rice and millet, bananas, chicken, cod, salmon, turkey

Beta carotene-rich foods: sweet potato, carrots, kale, turnip, collard greens, fresh thyme, squash, spinach. Note: Eating these foods with a fat-rich snack aids in conversion of beta-carotene to vitamin A.

Folic acid-rich foods: Spinach, asparagus, beets, lentils, parsley, collard greens, black beans, romaine lettuce

Selenium-rich foods: Brazil nuts, crimini mushrooms, cooked barley, salmon, sardines, halibut. Note: Minerals are largely dependent on the health of the soil, therefore to obtain maximum benefit of nutrition from food, it is advised to choose organic as much as possible.

Mandy followed my advice with incredible results and began a new journey of vibrant health. In addition to eating more of these foods, she quit smoking. Within six months, her pap smear results were normal and she looked refreshed, happy and healthy.

Please note: This advice is not meant to treat or diagnose, please consult a certified practitioner or your family doctor for any serious health issues.

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10 Reasons Sex is Good for Your Health

According to a recent story in Australia’s The Daily Telegraph, there are lots of great health benefits associated with a fulfilling sex life. A 10-year Welsh study found that those who enjoyed an active sex life were 50 percent less likely to have died during that time than those who did not. And that’s just for starters, according to sex and relationships therapist Dr. Gabrielle Morrissey. Here are 10 great reasons to spend some quality time with your partner, between the sheets.

1. Leads to fewer heart attacks and strokes: Having sex several times a week may cut your risk of heart attack or stroke in half.

2. Lowers blood pressure and stress: Studies have found that both regular sex and hugs from a sexual partner can diminish stress, blood pressure and heart rates.

3. Reduces chance of depression: The feel-good hormones released during sex have an anti-depressant function.

4. Lowers risk of osteoporosis and bone problems: People who have regular sex tend to have higher levels of testosterone, which is linked to a reduced risk of osteoporosis and other bone problems.

5. Cuts down on seasonal cold and flu: Research demonstrates that having sex at least once a week increases the body’s production of immune-boosting antibodies.

6. Prevents prostate cancer: Men in their 20s who ejaculate frequently (about 21 times a month) have a reduced risk of prostate cancer.

7. Relieves headaches and cramps
: During sex (particularly for women), the endorphins and corticosteroids released can alleviate pain.

8. Improves sleep: The powerful oxytocins released during sex help people sleep better.

9. Keeps you fit: Thirty minutes of vigorous sex is akin to 15 minutes on a treadmill — in particular, sex works the pelvis, thighs buttocks, arms, neck and thorax.

10. Prevents incontinence
: Sex also works the muscles that stem the flow of urine.

And further bonus reasons to get busy? Regular sex is likely to produce more regular menstrual periods for women, as well as improve the appearance of skin, hair and teeth.

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