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Best Faygo Soda Pop Flavors and what Makes them the best

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Living in Michigan, I know all about Faygo soda pop. Faygo is what makes up half the pop in my refrigerator. I grew up drinking it, and now my family drinks it every week. Faygo is seriously the retro kind of pop. Its flavors preserve the original soda pops that could once be bought at diners many years ago. They aren’t the regular flavors that most pop comes in. Faygo goes to depths so unique that once you drink one, you won’t want to drink anything else.

It is cheap, it is different, it is delicious. Celebrating 102 years on the market, it takes pop to a whole new level by challenging the normal and using flavors that other pop brands have never dreamed of using. There are 5 specific flavors of Faygo that I have bought time and time again, and I truly believe that these are the cream of the crop.

5. Jazzin’ Blues Berry Soda – I have truly not tasted a soda quite like this before. It tastes like the blue berry you’re probably thinking of, but I love the carbonated taste it has. It blends the berry fruit taste with the taste of Sprite. It’s just a cool kind of pop to drink anytime of the year. I love it and my children love it because its different from the regular Coke or Sprite. I’m not calling it healthy, but since when is any pop healthy? It’s a delicious drink to have, and it will always remain a staple in my refrigerator.

4. Red Pop – Is it strawberry? Is it cherry? I don’t think I’ll never know. All I know is that this is the pop for me. I love its berry taste, and I love its color. It stains my teeth but I could care less. What I love about Faygo is its fruitiness that every Faygo pop has, and this one doesn’t let me down.

3. Black Cherry – I have tasted black cherry flavored pop before (it was a store brand), and in no way did it compare to the sweet taste of the Faygo kind. I’ve always wanted to drink cherry pop. I remember drinking cherry pop at my local diner when I was a kid. Black Cherry makes me reminiscent of those memories because it tastes so much like it. What exactly is Black Cherry? I’m not exactly sure what it is. All I know is I love it, and I’ll always drink it regardless.

2. Rock & Rye – Faygo is the only brand pop I know that has this flavor. This is like the Dr. Pepper of pop in that it blends all those flavors into one pop, and it tastes like a slice of heaven. I love the beet red color the pop has, I love the colors on the label, and I love drinking this pop. Of course, it doesn’t taste like rocks, and it doesn’t taste like rye (whatever that is), but it’s a taste that you’ll want to experience again, no doubt.

1. Cream Soda – The King of Faygo pop is by far Cream Soda. Cream Soda is just about the only Faygo pop I drink on a regular basis. It’s always at my house, and I’m always pouring it into a glass. The creamy, carbonated goodness that this pop possesses is like no other. I honestly can’t name one other pop that’s better than it. The vanilla taste is why I love it. What else can I say?

I love Faygo pop. There are so many kinds that I seriously love more than life, and it will remain an institution in my house. Orange, Peach, Root Beer, Mango – Faygo has them all, and to be honest, I love them all. But these five – these are the best by far. If you’re out grocery shopping and in the pop aisle looking at all those kinds of Faygo pop standing before you, keep these 5 in mind. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

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