Avoid Losing Weight Fast

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While it may seem like a really good idea at the time, trying to lose weight too quickly can be counterproductive and prone to failure in the long term. While it may be okay to lose a few pounds over a few days in order to get into a smaller size dress for an upcoming special occasion, it is not recommended as a long term solution to a weight problem.

The reason for this is that when you lose weight really fast, you tend to put it all back on again soon afterwards. That’s because your body simply doesn’t have enough time to get used to the new diet and/or exercise regime which you will invariably stop as soon as you have lost those few pounds, gotten into that smaller dress or suit, enjoyed the special occasion and have now returned to normal eating and lifestyle.

If you really want to maintain a healthy rate of weight reduction in order to meet a long term goal and then to keep the weight off once you get there, the best way is really to avoid rapid weight loss and aim for a slower, more steady strategy that will allow you to lose one or two pounds per week. This is much better as it allows your body to get used to the gradual reduction in weight that comes from a more structured and progressive strategy.

The best ways of going about this in order to achieve long lasting results is really to combine a healthy, low calorie diet with a daily exercise plan that allows you to slowly increase the amount of exercise that you do over time. It gets your body used to the new routine while allowing for a more healthy and regular rate of weight loss that you can easily sustain over time.

In short, going slowly and surely is a perfect way to lose that weight. But more importantly, it also enables you to maintain what you have lost in the long term, which is the best way of enjoying the success of your labors!

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