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When we speak of wine whats the first thought that comes to your mind? When I think of wine I think of what Jesus did he turned water into wine. As a human race alot of us look at wine as a sex drink, you know how you go out on a date then to feel sexy you order some wine especially women. Red wine is said to be a health drink it’s good for your blood if you have anemia, it helps with your red blood cells.

There are many different wines that goes with your food, if you are drinking a red wine, it would go great with red meat such as a steak dinner. If you are having a chicken dinner it would go great with a white wine. There are alot of winery’s if you are interesting in going to a wine tasting to see which wine best suite’s you.

For those of you who drinks wine I bet you look alot younger, if you drink a glass of wine a day it keep the wrinkles away,” I tell you” going to alot of wine tastings you learn alot, I recommend wine tastings because you get to see what wine works better for you, then you get to see what the wine’s are made of and how they are processed to be shipped to the stores. Red wine is one of the most popular drinks out there because they come in so many different brand’s. There is something special about  red wine, it’s almost as if red wine has an automatic relax mode in the drink, it’s a very popular drink that is advertise in movie’s or videos. at anytime when you want to have time to yourself if you notice some people just automatically get a wine instead of beer or liquor all the time.

If you notice people that use to be alcoholics they start on wine to come off, they try not to get carried away with it so they need something light. When talking about wine in itself some people find it as sinful because it has alcohol in it. I would say just be mindful of how much you drink. and be careful.

The same rules still stand Do Not Drink and Drive. If you know that you might have alot to drink give someone your keys that you trust and let them take you home or even call a cab! It don’t matter what drink it is even if you say I’m only drinking wine if you are consuming alot of it still give your keys to someone.

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