Body Mass Index For Men

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Body mass index in other words called BMI is a way to find out whether an individual is over weighted or not. Body mass index assess height and weight of an individual. People think that muscle mass is also taken into consideration here, but no. BMI is calculated by a mathematical conversion. There is one way where you divide the person’s weigh by his height. There is also a way where you multiply that person’s weight by the number 705 and then divide by his height. If a person has a good BMI rate it has to be 18.5 to 24.9. Someone with a BMI of 25-29 this is mentioned as over weight. If it is more than 30 then it is obese.

This is a widely used system through out the world. It is said that it is very good to calculate your BMI before any major exercise. Body mass index is the first step to set up your health targets. You might feel your weight is normal, but your first step should be identifying you BMI level. So you can see where you have to work on. Sometimes the calculations can give you disappointing measurements, do not get discouraged by them, it made you reveal the truth. So the best thing is to work on your weight. Keeping your weight in a healthy position is so vital. Weight can make the difference between perfect and bad health. If you are not sure to start of with and struggling with your weight loosing issue BMI is the first thing you should work on. But always keep in mind that body mass index is not the only way of analyzing weight problems. It is just a very important tool used presently. Factors such as bone structure can also be important. BMI is a system used very frequently in health care centers. It can be called as very good weight assessing tool now a days. BMI measures the total weight a individual carries not the fat amount he carries. That should be very well understood.

When it comes to weight loss management you have to consider medical history, family history, and also body composition. So you can treat for your exact need. BMI is just a tool which shows you your exact state, finding solutions is a different part. Finding answers depends on your personal issue. Different people have different reason to put on weight. So each has to be treated differently. To loose weight the individual has a main part to play. It is up to him to work on it. You will have to commit your self to it. Working to get rid of body fat is not easy. It is a long term process. Regular exercises are a must. Special diet programs should be taken seriously. Maintaining good health habits is always the best way to control weight. It should be practiced regularly. So that we wont loose focus on our weight. These issues can be sought out at early stages before it gets a big problem.

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