Candy Dipping Tips

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A little box lined with crinkly tissue paper, and every type of chocolate you can think of snuggled inside little golden foils – what could be more divine? Chocolate-vanilla, creamsicle orange, coffee cream, lemon coconut, tangy raspberry, strawberry cream – all dipped in a luscious and glossy coat of white, dark, or milk chocolate.

Hand crafted with care and perfection, wouldn’t you like to learn? The magic of candy dipping is an art taught with only a small amount of steps. Learn these steps well, and you’ll be on your way to making a variety of creative and beautiful candies in no time.

So, what tools do you need to use? A “candy dipper” is an actual name for a kitchen hand tool. It is usually a long wooden dowel with a thin round metal wire coming out of it. At the end of the wire is a shape, usually a round, spiral, oval, or fork shape. This is the part that holds the candy in place as you dip it into the chocolate coating.

Usually, these tools can run you quite the bit of money – but they can last a lifetime. If you do a lot of candy making and you would like to make the investment, I would suggest getting yourself one good candy dipper that you are comfortable with. If you need a candy dipper but don’t want to spend the money, a dinner or lobster fork works just as good. There are also cheaper tools on the market which are made of plastic – these work decently, as well.

The first thing that I would suggest that you do when candy making is to purchase a good tasting chocolate. A rule of thumb that I try to follow is to try a piece of the chocolate you are going to use for dipping. Taste it – would you eat it the way it is? The next factor is quality. It may taste good, but is it going to melt and set without problems? Good brands of chocolate to use are almost always European brands – such as Valrhona or Lindt. These two chocolates have never let me down – they melt and temper well, have a great velvety texture, and set with a luscious shiny gloss.

A good practice to get into is to freeze whichever candies you are going to dip. Freezing your candies makes them hard and they won’t end up melting into your dipping chocolate, leaving pieces of candy filling and truffle remnants. You can dip gummy candies, hard candies, pretzels, or you can make your very own truffle filling to dip in the chocolate – there is an endless array of recipes out there!

The first step is to melt your chocolate. This can be achieved over a double boiler or in the microwave. Grab your candy dipper or fork and take hold of the candy gently onto the end. Dip it into your tempered chocolate and carefully shake off the excess chocolate drippings. Set them onto a tray lined with parchment or waxed paper and let them cool.

If you wish, take your dipper or fork and drizzle a bit of your melted chocolate on top of the candies in the pattern you prefer. You could also melt a small amount of different chocolate and drizzle over the candies. Try getting some icing sugar, cocoa, or colored sugar and sprinkling overtop. If you have some icing handy, you could pipe some freeform designs or flowers on top. Candies make a great gift, and with Valentines Day coming up, what better way to show you care than by spending a little bit of time creating something special for your honey.

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