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Beer Reviews Chimay Red

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Recently, I reviewed another Chimay offering from Abbaye Notre Dame de Scourmont. Like its brother, Chimay Red is an ale made by a branch of the Cistercian order known as Trappists. Out of the over 150 Trappist monasteries worldwide, only seven produce beer. And only beer produced by those seven monasteries are allowed to advertise their product as Trappist beer.

Like most of the Trappists who produce beer, the brothers at Abbaye Notre Dame de Scourmont produce more than one beer. Also like other Trappists, Chimay produces its own beer that bears little or no similarity to beers produced by other Trappists. Chimay Red for example, will never be confused with the beer made by Rochefort or Westmalle.

Most Trappist monasteries produce whatever style of beer they feel like producing. On the one hand this is great for beer lovers because you can enjoy a great deal of variety in sampling different Trappist ales. The down side to this is trying to figure out what style of beer they’ve made. Is it a Strong Golden Ale? A Flanders Brown? Maybe a bock or a Tripel of some kind. With the exception of Chimay Tripel, Chimay’s beers are dark, malty, complex offerings with a marvellous wine-like complexity.

So, grabbing my favorite beer glass I pour myself a Chimay Red. It pours hazy light brown with hints of copper. Modest carbonation supports a rocky, off white head. In the nose, Chimay Red starts off with yeasty quality, giving the aroma a soft, supple quality. Yeast is supported by clove and coriander. Malt gives the aroma backbone in the form of dried pitted fruits. All raisins and figs. Hops provides finish with hints of leather and damp earth. Aromas of alcohol bring the whole thing together, adding a wine-like complexity.

Chimay Red starts out sweet and bready. Spritzy carbonation supports flavors of caramelized dark fruit, earthiness and a faint horsiness. Bitterness is bracing, leading into a dry, lasting finish. As with the nose, flavors of alcohol tie the whole thing together, adding depth and complexity. Altogether Chimay Red comes together nicely. It’s crisp, dry, and complex. Chimay Red carries its alcoholic strength with authority.

This Trappist ale is a bigger beer than its 7% abv would lead you to expect. Chimay Red is one of the more full flavoured ales on the market. I would most likely recommend it for people who like dark ales that are big in flavor and complexity. That being said, Chimay Red warrants a 9.03 out of 10.

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2. Chimay Première (Red) | Bières de Chimay S.A. | BeerAdvocate

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Beer Reviews Jenlain Ambree Biere De Garde

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, France is not a country that one would immediately associate with beer, but they do brew it. Granted, not in the quantity of choice and most definitely not in the quality, of the neighbouring countries of Belgium and Germany, but brew it they do. And since I was holidaying in France in September, it would have been churlish, not to say downright un-francophile of me not to sample as many French beers as was humanly possible in that short space of time. (Always maintaining a responsible attitude to alcohol consumption at all times. OK kids?)

So without further ado, let’s discuss one of these Gallic imbibements, Jenlain Ambree Biere de Garde, right here, right now.

Duyck is a family name from the part of Flanders which extends into France. The farmhouse-style brewery that bears this name is located just across the border from Belgium, in the village of Jenlain, near the town of Valencienes. Their best known beer is the biere de garde which they have been brewing since 1922, in fact they kept this style alive when many other brewers in the region were abandoning it. They also brew a lager style beer and seasonal specialities.

Jenlain Ambree Biere de Garde comes in a 750ml wine-style bottle with a wired, champagne type cork. It looks, to all intents and purposes like a bottle of wine, but it’s not. This review would be off topic if it were.
It’s brewed with top-fermenting yeast and is unpasteurized.

I decided to try this beer as Jenlain Lager is available at my local supermarket and, having sampled that a few times, and enjoyed it, I felt duty-bound to investigate it’s amber cousin.

This beer pours to an attractive, rosy, amber colour with lots of carbonation and a massive, bubbly head which dissipates fairly quickly. It doesn’t leave an awful lot of lace on the glass. There’s a hoppy, fruity, tea-like aroma and it’s also somewhat fruity, mostly apples. I don’t really sense a lot of malt in the nose.

It’s full-bodied with a light, syrupy start, some gentle malt flavour – but nothing which demanded attention, and some fruitiness – apples with a hint of orange. It has a strange flavour, a little sweet and spicy and an artificial fruitiness – almost like a food additive flavour. It’s not unpleasant, just very hard to define. It turns very dry in the finish with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

At 6.5% ABV, this beer packs a decent punch. I found it rather too bitter for my taste but it was still a pleasant, refreshing beer. It’s not really a beer that would accompany many foods, in my opinion, more of a summer evening’s indulgence. I think it would be a good, refreshing, thirst quencher after a hard day’s work – whatever that is.

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Alcohol Drinking the Pros and Cons

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Everything has its pros and cons. You could work out a lot which is good. But if you overdo it there are bound to be cons. When overdoing it during a workout routine, you’re going to tear your body up. Drinking is no different. There are indeed pros to drinking alcohol when it’s in moderation. I myself have learned this from personal experience. The cons take place when things are taken out of moderation and it becomes perverse and detrimental to the body.


– Having a glass of beer or wine during or after a meal will help speed up the digestion process. Whatever food items you eat, consumption of alcohol will break it down. Whenever I go out to eat with a few friends, I do order about two or three drinks. It does the job. It leaves me a bit tipsy at the end; but, I more than make up for that by getting an ice-cream soda or a milk shake.

– Alcohol loosens you up and helps you relax when taken in moderation. A glass of wine tends to do the trick from what I have heard. It can relieve your stress.
– A type of alcohol might go well with whatever entree or dessert that you eat. You can eat sushi with a glass of white zinfandel.
– In my case, after a few drinks, I can sleep peacefully. Miraculously, I wake up after six or seven hours pretty refreshed. But, I’m not sure how many people this works on.

But there are more cons than pros associated with drinking. This also comes from someone that likes to drink a whole lot.


– Intoxication and alcohol poisoning are the most obvious. Shakespeare died from alcohol poisoning. When you’re intoxicated there are numerous things that can happen.
– You could possibly pass out after being intoxicated. All sorts of things are bound to happen once you’re passed out. In most cases, the results are not pretty at all. This is one of the biggest problems associated with drinking.
– You can vomit and lose vital fluids.
– You tend to let go of your inhibitions when drinking. When that happens, the “truth” comes out. For reference, watch this movie from Hong Kong called “Drink, Drank, Drunk.” You could get pretty violent and not know it. That is the one sign that you shouldn’t be drinking alcohol.
– Driving under the influence. Despite all the warnings, penalties, and so forth, people do drive under the influence.
– Prolonged alcohol abuse leads to all sorts of things that will affect you for the rest of your life.

I have an uncle who has been abusing alcohol for the longest time. I have heard stories from my relatives that aren’t so pretty. My uncle whom I haven’t heard from for numerous years is pretty messed up in the head as a result.

Around 2004, he called our house and he sounded perfectly normal. Then a few months later, I find out that he was pretty bonkers. The result of the alcohol abuse destroyed his liver. Just about everybody should know what the liver’s function is.

The liver is to purify the blood in your body. Without the liver, all those impurities and toxins will go into the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body. It will eventually affect the brain. That was the case of my uncle as he blabbed incoherent nonsense. Aside from that, it’s unknown how long he has to live.

When drinking alcohol in moderation, there are plenty of pros. But there are numerous cons associated with drinking when taken out of moderation.

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Beer Reviews Guinness Draught

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The Guinness brand of beer was founded by Arthur Guinness at the St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland in 1759. Inspired by the porter style of beer that was popular in 18th century England, Guinness created a beer in which the malt barley is roasted in a distinctive way that gives Guinness its dark color and unique taste. Guinness began to market its beer as a stout, and today, the name Guinness is largely synonymous with the style of stout.

Guinness Draught was created in 1959, and its complex texture and creamy head would ultimately make Guinness one of the most well known beers in the world. (Guinness Draught should not be confused with Guinness Extra Stout which is far more bitter and closer in taste to what beer drinkers drank in the 19th century.) Today, there are three types of Guinness Draught: the original Guinness Draught that is served on tap, Guinness Draught Cans, and Guinness Draught Bottles.

The tap style of Guinness Draught is by far the most popular. Served up in pubs and restaurants around the world, its two-tone white creamy head and black beer base is widely considered the world’s most beautiful looking glass of beer. In regards to taste, it is full-bodied, yet incredibly smooth with just the slightest hint of caramel. Guinness Draught differs from other beers in that the delivery system that pours the beer is an integral part of the process that creates the look as well as the taste. When a Guinness is pulled at a tap, the beer is infused with a special blend of nitrogen and carbon dioxide and pumped through a special filter-type plate. Guinness refers to this process as the “surge” system which requires a two-part pour that takes two minutes to complete. Because of these complexities, the quality of Guinness Draught from the tap can vary from pub to pub and is dependent upon the bartender pouring your glass of Guinness properly.

Unfortunately, not all bartenders pour a good glass of Guinness. Which is why I really like Guinness Draught Cans. Inside the cans, there is a small plastic ball, which Guinness cryptically calls a “widget,” which is activated when the can is opened. The widget infuses the beer with same mix of nitrogen and carbon dioxide that you get from the tap at the pub. And the result is a thing of absolute beauty. You get the same creamy head and sweet, smooth, full-bodied taste that you expect from a Guinness. As long as you heed the rather simple instructions, anyone can pour a perfect glass of Guinness from a can. Guinness recommends cooling the can for at least three hours at 38 degrees. I have found that 90 minutes to two hours is enough. The pour from the can is different than that from a tap. The pour from a can must be done in one motion. The beer must be briskly poured into the glass, starting at a 45 degree angle and moving upwards as you pour. If you pour it too fast, you’ll get too much carbonation. If you pour it too slowly, you’ll lose the creamy head and the beer will taste flat. If you’ve never done it before, be prepared to make some mistakes. There is an element of trial and error involved. But, in the end, it’s worth it.

In 1999, Guinness introduced its Draught Bottles. The idea was to capitalize on the success of its Draught Cans and adapt it to create a Guinness that can be consumed directly from the bottle. Its special “Rocket Widget” is designed to charge the beer with nitrogen and carbon dioxide every time you move the bottle to your mouth, creating the smooth and creamy flavor one gets from the tap or a Guinness Draught Can. That’s the idea. In practice, however, in my experience, the Draught Bottle tastes nothing like Guinness from the tap or can. There is no true sense of the creamy essence that is Guinness, and the beer has a bitter taste that reminds me of the Extra Stout and lacks the full-body taste that you expect from a Guinness Draught.

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Beer Reviews Dogfish Head Raison Detre

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As I was doing the prep work for this article, I stumbled across another review for this off centered beer from Dogfish Head. According to the author of this particular article, Raison D’etre wasn’t his favorite beer from Dogfish Head’s line up. In writing this review the author wasn’t satisfied to simply express a dislike for this beer. Instead, he bashed the beer quite roundly. When I began writing my own reviews I knew I’d be reviewing beers I wasn’t going to be a big fan of.

I also knew I’d be tempted to bash these beers because I didn’t like them. After some contemplative soul searching I decided it was important to be professional in dealing with these less than stellar beers. To this day, I make sure that no matter what I think of the beer I’m reviewing, my review is fair. As such I took this attitude when I picked up a bottle of Raison D’etre.

Raison D’etre, which is French for a reason for being has become one of Dogfish Head’s core products. Today, it’s become one of the brewery’s best selling beers. When I saw Raison D’etre on the shelf of my local liquor store I knew I had to give it a go. Beautiful amber colored ale with hints of burnished copper. Crystal clear. Modest carbonation supports a dense, cream colored head. Retention is good.

Aroma starts off with malt in the front. Malt is supported by aromas of raisin with hints of mocha and esters of ripe fruit. Aromas here are simple and direct, and yet they come together in a balanced and harmonious fashion, offering a wine-like fullness Drawing Raison D’etre into my mouth I’m greeted with flavors of malt. Malt moves directly into flavors of raisins in the center. Mouthfeel is moderate, offering a slick, vaguely buttery mouthfeel. Finish is short and full of Belgian spice, cloves and cardamom.

Raison D’etre was so close to hitting the mark. Aromas and flavors were malt and fruit esters on the verge of straightforward complexity and an almost vinous quality. Yet I’m disappointed, because the whole thing doesn’t quite come together. The notes are there, but they just don’t quite harmonize the way they could. Which is too bad because I know this brewery can do better. So, when all is said and done, I’m going to give this one a 7.5 out of 10.

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Are Food Sensitivities Making You Sick?

Food sensitivities can be the culprit in all kinds of health problems — from headaches to chronic tummy problems — and they’re more common than you might think. Naturopath Sara Celik explains what causes food sensitivities and how you can figure out if you’re affected.

Q: What are food sensitivities?

A: Food sensitivities are conditions that can cause the individual suffering from them to have an immune reaction in response to eating certain foods. Your body’s immune system, which is meant to protect you from pathogens and other harmful elements, ends up being activated by the particular food that you have a sensitivity to.

If you experience a severe allergic reaction immediately after being exposed to an allergen (offending food), you have experienced a Type I hypersensitivity reaction (IgE). However, if you feel subtle, uncomfortable symptoms hours or days after exposure, this may be a delayed hypersensitivity reaction, a Type III reaction (IgG), also referred to as a food sensitivity.

Q: Are they common?

A: Food sensitivities, unfortunately, are quite common in North America and are directly related to the average North American diet and an over-consumption of processed foods (junk food, fast food), foods that create inflammation in the body (dairy), suppress the immune system (sugars, refined carbohydrates) and high-fat meats or other foods high in saturated fats.

Q: What kinds of problems/reactions can they cause?

A: Food sensitivities can cause symptoms that range from very mild (face flushing after eating certain foods, or bloating) to fairly severe. In my practice, I have successfully treated the following conditions by addressing food sensitivities: headaches, chronic yeast infections, digestive disturbances, fatigue and skin conditions (acne, psoriasis and eczema).

Q: How can you tell if you have a sensitivity to a certain type of food?

A: The problem with a person trying to determine food sensitivities on their own is that the symptoms that evidence a food sensitivity may be so mild that the person doesn’t even consider them to be an indication of a problem. In addition, a symptom evidencing a food sensitivity may be removed in time from the ingestion of the offending food and the person may not remember how eating a certain food made them feel.

Two effective tools used by naturopathic doctors to determine food sensitivities are elimination diets, which restrict a person to very few foods and then gradually reintroduce certain foods to determine what foods cause what responses, and blood tests, which determine food sensitivities based on the presence of antibodies in a person’s bloodstream in response to eating certain foods.

Q: If you do have a food sensitivity, do you have to steer clear of that food forever?

A: In some instances, depending upon the severity of the reaction, yes. In other cases, the individual will have to weigh the desirability of indulging in the particular food against the discomfort and duration of the symptoms. Most of my patients completely remove offending foods from their diet for a period of three months. After the three-month period, many of them find that they can reintroduce the foods in moderation with little or no reaction at all.

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3 Healthiest Ways to Cook Fish…And With No Fishy Smell

No offense to my mom, but I can still clearly recall the morning-after stink of fish in the house when she made fish for dinner. Now, don’t get me wrong, my mom is both an amazing cook and a very healthy woman (I also have vivid memories of her doing a pre-dinner 20-Minute Workout session decked out in pink and white striped leotards), but, alas, there was the stench of dead fish and now I know why.

Back in the day, mom would either buy fish that had been frozen, breaded and then packaged inside a cardboard box (seemingly healthy looking, or at least that’s what package would lead you to believe) or the Highliner frozen sole with no seasoning that she would poach – both equally turned up my nose the next morning and here’s why: The method you use to cook your fish and also the source of your fish is what will determine its stink. Typically, fish that smells fishy is not fresh.

Fish is an absolutely fantastic source of omega 3 fatty acids and good quality protein with all the essential amino acids. Despite being raked over the coals for heavy metal content, if you use David Suzuki’s guide for choosing sustainable, low heavy metal content, then fish is most certainly a superfood in my opinion.

3 healthy ways to cook fish

I cook fish on a weekly basis and wake up to the normal joyous aroma of my kitchen, not the smell of 10 rotting fish in my sink. Here are my top three healthy ways to prepare fish as your main dish:

Grill It

If you haven’t already been coaxed into purchasing a George Foreman grill from The Shopping Channel and want something way cooler with a sleek design that allows you to grill like a pro, check out the Breville brand. Grilling instructions are as follows:

  • Prep fish how you like it (ie. Lemon, pepper)
  • Cover with a light layer of olive oil so it doesn’t stick
  • Place on grill and cook for 5-7 minutes, assuming it’s thawed, not frozen
  • Remove from grill and enjoy right away!

Grilling cooks the fish REALLY fast so watch it carefully. I love the grill marks on fish, a little crunchy with the taste seared right in and tender on the inside.

Bake It

I love baking fish when I’m prepping other side dishes that require my attention because it’s out of sight, out of mind. Baking instructions are as follows:

  • In a glass baking dish or one of those old reliable French white Corningware numbers, place the fish flesh side up in a ¼ inch layer of water
  • Season, as you like
  • Cover with a lid or if you don’t have a lid you can wrap the fish in tin foil or parchment paper
  • Cook for 15-20 minutes at 325F depending on the size of the fish

This method of cooking keeps the fish really moist and tender. While some think the oven method would dry the fish out, this method actually does the exact opposite and you’ll find the fish will melt in your mouth. The steam created from the water , ensures it stays very moist.

Pan-Sear It
When I’m in a rush and I don’t feel like dirtying my grill or on a hot summer day when I don’t want to heat up my condo, I pan-sear. This method requires a little more love and attention. As well, it’s critical to make sure that you are using healthy oils when cooking because as you may have read in other posts, certain oils are not safe for consumption when heated to high temperatures. Instructions are as follows:

  • Heat pan to medium temp (5-7 on the stove top dial)
  • Melt ghee, butter or organic coconut oil onto pan
  • Place fish onto pan and watch it sizzle
  • Don’t mess with it! Constant flipping of the fish is death to a good crust. Let it cook till until it’s two-thirds done on one side and then flip
  • Garnish with herbs or spoon pesto on top

Now, if you follow any of these methods and you avoid fish from a box, your place will smell as lovely as it did when you started. By the way, poaching is a very healthy way to cook fish as well, but I find it is quite stinky due to the evapourating fishy water into the air and it’s very easy to overcook fish, which is a crime! Stay tuned because I will be posting my recipe for pickerel with sundried tomato pesto later this week.

Please note: All of these recipes are created in my joyous kitchen with the healthiest ingredients. I’m not a calorie counter or a professional chef, I’m a nutritionist, who loves to cook and bake and I’m delighted to share my creations with you.

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Watch Your Weight and Feel Healthy

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Many people take their health for granted and wake up every morning without giving it a second thought. That is until one day they wake up and don’t feel so great. Then they are hit by the realization that feeling healthy is a lot more important than they may have given credit to beforehand. A similar thing happens when they are suddenly made aware that they are overweight and that condition has been a major cause of impacting their overall health.

It is then that something must be done to halt the slide into the potential area of even worse health, which is when they suddenly scrabble around frantically searching for a solution that is easy and they hope will not take up too much of their time. It’s quite common for people in this situation to go online searching for some great weight loss tips and diet plans that will help them. Yet had they been more aware of the condition of their physical weight in the first place, none of this would be necessary.

By keeping a close watch on their weight, people can maintain a good level of health and be warned in advance if they need to take any action because standing on the bathroom scales will tell them so. A sudden increase in weight is like getting an early warning beacon that something is not as it should be and that some action needs to be taken to lose weight and reset the balance.

It’s not particularly difficult to stay healthy as long as a person’s diet is relatively balanced and healthy and they get enough exercise each day to keep their fitness levels on par. By observing moderation in all things and not going overboard on processed foods containing a lot of artificial additives, refined sugar and saturated fats, it’s actually quite easy to stay healthy and enjoy life relatively free from illness and fluctuating weight.

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Diet Meal Delivery

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While anyone who wants to lose weight will naturally prefer to do so as easily as possible, many are unaware of the various diet meal delivery programs that are available these days that make it about as easy as it can be to lose weight through diet. The principle of this method of dieting is very simple and is aimed at people who have very little free time to devote to a conventional kind of diet but still want to lose weight.

The basis of this kind of diet is that all the food that you will need for a certain period of time (depending upon the plan) is delivered to your home pre-packaged, hence it is often referred to as diet food delivery. So all you need to do is to open the relevant food pack for the meal you require and either eat it as is (for naturally cold eaten meals such as salads etc) of heat up in a microwave. Either way, you save an enormous amount of time by not having to buy food, then prepare of cook it yourself.

Not Home Cooked

If that sounds a bit too good to be true, there are some disadvantages to this kind of diet system. The major one is that no matter how high quality the food is when it leaves the diet company kitchen, because it comes in a packet and has to be reheated, it will never be as good as a freshly home cooked meal. For some people who generally live on ready meals from the store anyway, this is no problem at all. But those that want to lose weight but are used to freshly prepared, home cooked meals, the quality will not appear to be quite as good.


Of course there is also the cost to take into consideration. Some of the cheaper diet companies like Nutrisystem can provide all your meals for under $10 a day, which is well within the budgets of most people, especially considering many people will spend more than that on eating breakfast in a diner. Remember that this kind of diet replaces all your regular food so you don’t spend a dime on food other than the diet, so it can work out even cheaper than what you would otherwise spend on food for yourself. Other companies such as eDiets, Jenny Craig or Bistro MD have slightly different formats and costs, so it is always a good idea to check with the individual company first to see how they do things.


Lastly, the convenience factor of this kind of diet program means that you really have nothing else to do except for eating the meals that are sent to your home and then wait for the weight to start falling off. You can help things along by ensuring that you get some daily exercise, which you should do anyway to maintain your health. But there are few easier ways of losing weight than doing it with a diet meal delivery plan that takes all the work out of dieting and makes it a pretty enjoyable process!

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Acai Berry Weight Loss

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You have probably never even heard of Acai Berry diet but it has been just featured by Oprah on her show and it’s among the 10 superfoods encouraged by Dr Perricone. Various studies have shown this little berry is among the very nutritious and powerful foods on the planet! Acai (ah-sigh-ee) berries are a particular Amazon palm tree’s high energy berry. Picked in the rainforests of Brazil, the berry tastes like a yummy and lively blend of chocolate and berries. Acai berry is packed full of essential fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants. You’ll find your local supermarket in a number of health food and gourmet stores, although it may not be accessible in it.

A brand new product offering the unsweetened pulp has become additionally accessible, and Oprah and Dr. Perricone recommend that you select this form of acai berry as the acai berry pulp provides.

Acai berry pulp comprises:

An extreme concentration of antioxidants that help fight premature aging, with and These antioxidants can in fact reverse some wrinkle lines and keep your skin smooth and soft and supple.

A powerful combination of monounsaturated (balanced) boost digestive and cardiovascular health. Phytosterols from plant sources are discovered to be advantageous in treating many illnesses, including enhancing the immune apparatus, therefore decrease the quantity of cholesterol consumed. Absolute may be reduced by the intake along with valuable trace minerals, essential to correct acai berry is rich in monounsaturated oleic acid, and like grapeseed and canola. Oleic acid is vital for several motives. It will help omega 3 rich oils like fish oils penetrate the cell membrane; collectively they help make cell membranes flexible and more supple. Neurotransmitter all hormones and insulin receptors operate better by keeping the cell membrane supple. This is especially crucial as an inflammatory state is created by high insulin levels, and as we understand, unneeded and unwanted aging is caused by inflammation. From a health standpoint, additional advantages are exhibited by oleic acid as it’s been demonstrated to impede the progression of coronary disease.

One really fascinating utilization of oleic acid is its use being an element in Lorenzo’s gas produced drug developed to stop start of adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), a condition effecting lads human body, causing debilitating symptoms much like all those in multiple sclerosis. Lorenzo’s oil can delay onset or progress of the disorder in those people who are still not symptomatic, though it will not cure the illness.

There appear to be many motives. The flavor berries plus dark chocolate, seems compelling.

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