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Have people given you crap because you make time to work out?

My morbidly obese secretary (who is diabetic, has ruined joints and back problems, high blood pressure and smokes) is constantly degrading me because I eat right and exercise daily. Others in the office badger me to eat cake, ice cream or cookies if there are some in the office, and the comment I get most often is, “you’re skinny, you don’t need to work out or watch what you eat.” Then they dismiss me and claim that they don’t have time to work out.

Are you kidding? I’m thin BECAUSE I work out and watch what I eat! And I’m not remotely skinny, I lift weights and run and I’m at a healthy weight. It’s not easy, but I do it because health problems and obesity run in my family. And I MAKE time to keep healthy! I have a stressful work schedule but I make sure to get my workouts in every day and seek out healthier foods even when I travel.

It’s sad that obesity has become such an epidemic that those of us who choose to lead a healthy lifestyle are ridiculed for it.

I get this ALL OF THE TIME. Thank god I finally have a co-worker who I work closely with who also is responsible enough to lead a healthy lifestyle, so I don’t have to deal with it from 8 AM to 6 PM every freaking day. I’m also thankful that I’m not weak enough to cave to peer pressure from people who look like crap and act like they are miserable. Guess what guys? I don’t workout 5 hours a day. I workout enough to maintain my weight and muscle tone. Most of my workouts are fun and a great way to relax and spend time with friends. I don’t do it primarily to look a certain way. I do it to improve my life. The same goes for food. Why the hell would I want to binge on junk food that doesn’t even taste right when I can eat good food that is healthy, satisfying and delicious? If I am going to eat a treat I’m not going to waste it on something gross and unsatisfying like a McDonald’s burger and fries, a grocery store cake, potato chips or a piece of crappy hershey’s chocolate. That’s not even appealing. What a waste! My food tastes better and doesn’t leave me loaded with unhealthy fat, sodium, excess calories and feeling like crap. If I’m going to get a treat I’ll go to a decent place, get a good burger, made with quality beef, cooked medium rare, with good, real cheese, yummy fixings and a side of good, hand cut fries and split it with a friend or buy a small, high quality dark chocolate bar and eat a couple squares each day. Either that or I’ll go to the store, buy the ingredients and make it myself. Since making cookies, a cake, fudge, brownies, etc. is more expensive than going to McDonald’s and making good, homemade burgers takes time, I do it less. Eating healthy costs me less in time and money, tastes better and makes me feel better.

I enjoy my life and my food. I probably enjoy both more than the majority of people who make nasty comments to me or try to pressure me to overeat/ eat crap. I don’t deserve to have my healthy lifestyle or physique taunted so that you can feel better for not taking care of yourself. Instead of wasting your time being jealous of someone for their healthy choices, why don’t you ask them for tips and start making some of those healthy choices for yourself.

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Get Rid Of Cellulite On Thighs Fast With These Outstanding Tips

Thousands of girls have already started seeing the effects of just what the fitting cellulite removing cream can do. You don’t have to be pissed off with the way in which your legs look anymore.

Learn how to get rid of cellulite on thighs, hips and buttocks is a query that plagues the thoughts of most people. Though, ladies are extra prone to cellulite, some males additionally suffer from it. With an look of a cottage cheese, cellulite deposits can critically alter the form of a person making their skin quiet chubby with fat. It accumulates mostly on the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and arms of a person including varied other areas of the body. Ladies who are health and sweetness acutely aware constantly attempt to cut back the cellulite deposits of their physique by any means possible.

With the intention to do away with cellulite on thighs or different areas of the body in the fastest method possible many even contemplate turning to surgical procedures such as laser cellulite discount or liposuction. These surgical procedures are supposedly capable of cut back the cellulite ranges in the body. Nevertheless they don’t seem to be fully secure and might have many critical after effects. Cellulites come again after some time and subsequently can’t be handled each time by performing a surgery. They can be lowered and controlled more effectively by using varied natural strategies that don’t hurt the body in any way.

To reduce the cellulite deposits from the body in a natural and wholesome manner, the very first thing that needs to be carried out is exercising frequently. Working out the muscle tissues and burning fat not only helps in decreasing the cellulite ranges but also keeps a person match and trim. Primary cardiovascular workout routines like working and cycling can work up quiet a sweat and can assist in reducing the fat from the hips and thighs along with the belly. Aside from that, doing light weight exercises like leg curls; bench and ball squats can effectively scale back the cellulite and fat ranges in the thighs, hips and buttocks area.

One other strategy to eliminate cellulite on thighs and different areas of the body consists of present process therapeutic massage therapy. It improves the circulation and lymphatic drainage that helps in treating the affected area. Moreover all of this, eating healthy and low starch or low fat meals is extraordinarily essential to manage the cellulite ranges in the body. Avoiding any form of junk or fatty foods can scale back the pointless consumption of unhealthy energy which can later on get deposited as fat on varied parts of the body. Eating a extremely nutritious protein weight loss plan can truly help in burning the additional calories thereby reducing the cellulite ranges safely and naturally.

Most of us aren’t that concerned with cellulite and do not stress an excessive amount of about, until we come across the primary patch of dimpled pores and skin, in all probability someplace on the abs, thighs or buttocks. That’s when we begin trying to find a cellulite removal technique or the best cellulite cream, turning into desperate to seek out learn how to eliminate cellulite fast.

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Top 5 Fat Loss Myths

There is glut of information on the web with regard to fat loss. Here are my top five fat loss myths de-coded for you.

1.Spot reducing is possible.

It is physically impossible to spot reduce. Body fat is reduced all over and usually the place you want it to come off is the last place it does. I once heard some one say, “If spot reduction really worked, then chewing gum would give you a skinny face.”

2. Abdominal exercises will flatten your stomach.

Muscle is muscle, and fat is fat. It’s true that muscle helps you burn fat, but no matter how many abdominal exercises you do, if you have fat surrounding your abdomen, the exercises will not make it disappear.

3. The bathroom scale is a good way to track weight loss.

No, the proof that you are actually losing weight is in your pants! If your pants are getting looser and your shirt’s a little baggy (especially in the chest area), then you are losing weight.

4. If I exercise, I can eat whatever I want.

If you consume more calories than you burn off in a day, you’ll gain weight. Find a balance between food and exercise. Remember that a pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories, so you need a combination of fewer calories and more exercise to burn off a pound.

5. If I am sweating during my work-out, I am losing fat.

The body sweats in response heat. As your body heats up during exercise, it sweats to cool down. The amount of sweat is related to your body’s ability to maintain a normal body temperature.

As much as we may wish for it, there’s no magic bullet out there that will help you lose weight. If you want to shed unwanted pounds, dedicate time to exercise and watch what you eat. The two go hand in hand. It’s hard work, but the results are worth it for your mind, body and soul.

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10 Reasons Sex is Good for Your Health

According to a recent story in Australia’s The Daily Telegraph, there are lots of great health benefits associated with a fulfilling sex life. A 10-year Welsh study found that those who enjoyed an active sex life were 50 percent less likely to have died during that time than those who did not. And that’s just for starters, according to sex and relationships therapist Dr. Gabrielle Morrissey. Here are 10 great reasons to spend some quality time with your partner, between the sheets.

1. Leads to fewer heart attacks and strokes: Having sex several times a week may cut your risk of heart attack or stroke in half.

2. Lowers blood pressure and stress: Studies have found that both regular sex and hugs from a sexual partner can diminish stress, blood pressure and heart rates.

3. Reduces chance of depression: The feel-good hormones released during sex have an anti-depressant function.

4. Lowers risk of osteoporosis and bone problems: People who have regular sex tend to have higher levels of testosterone, which is linked to a reduced risk of osteoporosis and other bone problems.

5. Cuts down on seasonal cold and flu: Research demonstrates that having sex at least once a week increases the body’s production of immune-boosting antibodies.

6. Prevents prostate cancer: Men in their 20s who ejaculate frequently (about 21 times a month) have a reduced risk of prostate cancer.

7. Relieves headaches and cramps
: During sex (particularly for women), the endorphins and corticosteroids released can alleviate pain.

8. Improves sleep: The powerful oxytocins released during sex help people sleep better.

9. Keeps you fit: Thirty minutes of vigorous sex is akin to 15 minutes on a treadmill — in particular, sex works the pelvis, thighs buttocks, arms, neck and thorax.

10. Prevents incontinence
: Sex also works the muscles that stem the flow of urine.

And further bonus reasons to get busy? Regular sex is likely to produce more regular menstrual periods for women, as well as improve the appearance of skin, hair and teeth.

For more on this topic, check out these posts as below:

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Climb Your Way To A Healthy Lifestyle

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Climbing isn’t an easy sport, of course you can climb stairs for benefiting your body, and it 100% deserves its classification as an extreme sport. So – what’s good about climbing? Why climb up rock faces and mountains, why does anyone take it up?

For many it’s the sheer exhilaration of the climb itself, quickly followed by the moment that signifies that you made it to the top … the view. Let’s have a closer look at what makes the rock climbing the sport it is, and why so many people have taken it up.

Healthier You

Climbing helps to keep you fit and well. In order to climb in the first place you need to be fairly fit and once you’ve taken the sport up, you’ll find that your personal health and well-being will increase as time goes by.

The more you climb, the better you feel, the better you feel, the more you’ll achieve, and so on. And let’s not forget just how awesome you feel when you’ve reached the summit, when you’re stood atop an enormous boulder, or maybe a mountain, and you know you’ve managed the climb, alive and intact and then … the view.

There really is no better feeling that looking around, and viewing the world from above. And let’s talk a moment about how healthy your heart becomes due to the physical exertion that’s required in order to scale all the different climbing routes – both indoor out out. Did you know that climbing improves circulation, gives the heart a boost, and makes you fitter in more ways than one?

Climbing tones and sculpts muscle, and increases physical strength. It also promotes cardiovascular fitness, which makes the sport a fantastic deal all round. Want more? Climbing boost metabolism, burns fat, makes you eat better (you need fuel to scale rock faces) an ultimately leaves you feeling healthier and happier.

Location, Location

Outdoor climbing takes you to some of the most beautiful parts of the world, be they local to you or further afield. It doesn’t matter whether you’re climbing in the US or the UK, Australia or Asia, wherever you are you’ll be privy to some of the most unbelievably beautiful natural vistas our planet has to offer.

And what’s more, got camera? – capture the scene. Why not? Capturing the many different panoramas that you’ll come across is a two-for-one. Capture the scene, capture the memory.

Overall climbing gives you a healthier lifestyle, an excuse to travel and visit some wonderful parts of the world and what’s more … it’s addictive. The more you climb, the more you climb! And what do you need to get started? Simple.

Be fairly fit, and enroll yourself in a local climbing school. America is criss-crossed with schools, so you won’t find it hard to get started on the right path. You’ll also need to buy some climbing gear, which is easily sourced. To get you going click here and pick up on some good deals and coupons. Now what? Let me leave you with an image, taken during a climb – looks like Heaven in the distance. Hopefully it will further inspire you to get out there and start climbing.

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Restricting Calories to Lose Weight

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Different people will lose weight at different rates but there is one relative constant in all of the many methods, strategies and programs out there and that is that when you burn more calories of energy than you consume through your diet, you will reduce the amount of fat your body is storing and that equates to a reduction in weight for most people. The part that often baffles many people is why it doesn’t always mean visible weight loss when you get on the scales for everyone.

Why Don’t I Lose Weight on a Calorie Controlled Diet?

It happens quite a lot that people don’t actually lose weight even though they are eating a calorie controlled diet. They weigh themselves each week but the numbers on the scales tell them that nothing has changed! But this is generally not something to worry about, especially if you are exercising as well as dieting.

What often happens is that you may be gaining muscle mass through exercise, even though it is unnoticeable because you are not doing heavy resistance training like a bodybuilder would do. But they still gain mass while your body’s store of fat is slowly reduced. Muscle mass weighs more than fat by volume, so even though you may be losing fat, you are gaining an equal weight of lean muscle. This, believe it or not is the most desirable effect of dieting and exercising to lose weight. Because it causes your body to slim down and tone up to look a whole load better, even though it doesn’t necessarily weigh any less than it did before. It will gradually weigh less, but it just takes time, while it gets to look better and better as you go. This is one of the reasons why losing weight fast is not a good idea, while taking your time and letting it happen naturally is the most beneficial way of going about it.

How Do Muscles Get Big?

When you exercise your muscles gain strength because they are being used much more and to gain that strength they must burn more fuel. They get it from the glucose dissolved in the blood stream and that gets there thanks to your amazing digestive and metabolic system. The food you eat contains complex sugars which are broken down into glucose and that gets placed in the blood stream to feed the muscles that need it. When you are eating a healthy, balanced diet the rate at which the sugars get into the blood stream is controlled to match the amount being taken by the muscles as they work.

As the muscles are made to work harder, they demand more fuel. If it is not present in the bloodstream, the body makes more by taking from the fat store and converting it back to glucose. This is one of the great weight loss tips as it is how exercising burns fat. In reality, it doesn’t actually burn fat; it forces the body to reprocess it back into its original form, which was sugar, or more correctly, glucose! The longer you exercise, the more fat is reprocessed into glucose as fuel for your muscles to keep going.

Why Do Different Sports People Look Different?

Different kinds of exercise will produce different body shape results depending on how the body is exercised. Bodybuilders work out with heavy weights and strong resistance apparatus with low repetitions (reps), because that forces the muscles to build bulk. It uses a lot of energy, but to get the muscle definition and huge muscles, they have to eat a very high protein diet to build those muscles. Their bodies are stripped of almost all fat, which is why they look the way they do in competitions.

With contact sportsmen such as rugby players and footballers, their primary focus is to build fast running speed in short bursts, which means building up their leg muscles to cope with the rapid acceleration and direction changes they are forced to make.

Distance runners and those who take part in stamina sports events exercise differently still. They need to be able to keep going for very long periods of time, which means their muscles are trained to keep working while staving off fatigue. The muscles don’t gain so much bulk but do gain the ability to work for very long periods of time. That’s why when you look at marathon or long distance runners, they are nearly always thin looking!

The average dieter doesn’t need to be able to perform like sports people or athletes and they don’t necessarily want to look like bodybuilders, although a fit, trim figure is highly desirable. This is obtained by combining a healthy diet with regular exercise program designed to improve stamina and strength without unduly building muscle bulk, while reducing the ratio of body fat to muscle to get that toned, lithe appearance. The idea of losing weight is only really necessary when you are very overweight and in need of reducing that number when you get on the scales.

But if you are realistically only several pounds overweight, you can greatly improve your physical appearance while not actually losing much weight in the process, which is also how you avoid losing weight fast. You do that by eating a healthy diet and exercising every day for a reasonable amount of time. Although the most important exercise you should do is to exercise patience, because the best way to go is to go slowly and surely!

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Avoid Losing Weight Fast

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While it may seem like a really good idea at the time, trying to lose weight too quickly can be counterproductive and prone to failure in the long term. While it may be okay to lose a few pounds over a few days in order to get into a smaller size dress for an upcoming special occasion, it is not recommended as a long term solution to a weight problem.

The reason for this is that when you lose weight really fast, you tend to put it all back on again soon afterwards. That’s because your body simply doesn’t have enough time to get used to the new diet and/or exercise regime which you will invariably stop as soon as you have lost those few pounds, gotten into that smaller dress or suit, enjoyed the special occasion and have now returned to normal eating and lifestyle.

If you really want to maintain a healthy rate of weight reduction in order to meet a long term goal and then to keep the weight off once you get there, the best way is really to avoid rapid weight loss and aim for a slower, more steady strategy that will allow you to lose one or two pounds per week. This is much better as it allows your body to get used to the gradual reduction in weight that comes from a more structured and progressive strategy.

The best ways of going about this in order to achieve long lasting results is really to combine a healthy, low calorie diet with a daily exercise plan that allows you to slowly increase the amount of exercise that you do over time. It gets your body used to the new routine while allowing for a more healthy and regular rate of weight loss that you can easily sustain over time.

In short, going slowly and surely is a perfect way to lose that weight. But more importantly, it also enables you to maintain what you have lost in the long term, which is the best way of enjoying the success of your labors!

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How I Stay Fit: Mack Daddy

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Samantha Grice

In addition to writing the hilarious Mack Daddy column for this site, Toronto-based writer, David Eddie, contributes an advice column to The Globe and Mail, is the author of books (Chump Change and Housebroken), a shopaholic, father to three boys and husband to a star television reporter (Ms. Daddy) who dashes around the city in a suit and high heels while he sits at home in jeans and sneakers and cooks dinner. Eddie is no mini-driving, tan pants-wearing dad, though, he is Mack Daddy.

Q: You wrote in your blog at the end of 2007, that some of your health-related goals for 2008 included losing a few pounds and quitting your couple-a-day cig habit along with your several-a-night, quadruple vodka on the rocks habit (well, cutting it back to two quadruple-vodkas before dinner and then eventually cutting those back to doubles.) You also mentioned going to the doctor for a checkup and perhaps changing your sedentary ways. How did that go?

A: Well, the bad news is: the 2-smokes-a-day routine has persisted, I’m afraid, despite dramatic objections from my youngest, who’s like King Lear on the heath vis-a-vis smoking, sometimes in front of guests. “Why, Dad, why why why? I don’t want a Dad who’s gonna DIE!” I’m hoping the minor amount I smoke won’t kill me, though of course the kid has a point and it’s heart-wrenching when he comes across an empty pack of whatever; so maybe I will give it up again.

My pre-dinner cocktails have indeed shrunk, though I still believe there’s nothing like a serious drink at the end of a long, hard day. And wine with dinner is non-negotiable. Without wine, dinner is just food.

I never did go to that doctor’s appointment. Life is so busy, and I’m a typical male in this regard, I’m afraid: unless it’s a sucking chest wound, or my arm has been sheared off by a rogue circular saw, I figure I’m “fine” and don’t see the point in burning 2-3 hrs at the doc’s.

However, I am aware my father beat prostate cancer, which gets so many men, by catching it early, by getting on it and staying on it and being a little paranoid about it, so in 2009-or 2010 at the latest-I plan to go in for “the shocker” (aka “digital rectal exam”-the one the doc puts a rubber glove on for) and other tests.
The good news: see below.

Q: Do you get any regular exercise?

I now go to the gym every day. Part of my inspiration derived from Barack Obama. If he can find time to go three times a week, with everything on his plate, I can too. I started with that goal in mind, three times a week, but it’s such an excellent stress-buster and endorphin-releaser that now I go every evening. That’s how I would sell it to anyone reluctant to go: in terms of its immediate, on-the-spot benefits. I go in all jangly and with my eyes sort of burning and come out relaxed and refreshed, feeling like a million bucks (and with all those endorphins pinging around that first cocktail gives one wings.) The long-term benefits are just icing on the cake.

And I really have no excuse. It’s embarrassing to admit, because I should have been going on a daily basis long before now but I, Mack Daddy, confess that I live across the street from a gym. I could easily throw a stone from my front porch and hit it. So there you go. My lack of a gym routine for all these years is a little shocking. But as Jimmy Connors, the great tennis player, once said: “Do not look upon a period of inactivity as a failure. Rather, treat it as a challenge and try to get on track as soon as possible.” This has become my motto.

But back to Barack. He is inspiring in so many ways, in so many more important ways, obviously. But I have him to thank for getting back to the gym, so he’s already affected my life for the better. Thanks a bunch, Barack! Good luck with everything! If anyone can handle it, you can!

Q: Would you say you eat with proper nutrition in mind?

A: Well, I am in love with food and also the family chef. Food is one of my passions: I watch numerous shows on the food channel, read cookbooks like novels (i.e. from one end to the other), and every day wake up rubbing my hands together, thinking: “What shall we have for dinner tonight?” That is, generally, my first thought of the day. But it’s not nutrition in the sense people normally use the word-i.e. counting calories, carbs, administering food almost as a form of medicine-that I’m after, it’s flavour, baby; but one of the side-benefits of being into food is that what you eat tends to be pretty well-balanced and nutritious. For example, I get most of my meat from a local farmer who raises all his animals on grass. Grass-fed meat is delicious, that’s my main interest in it-once you’ve had grass-fed you can’t go back to grain-fed-but it has to be better to go straight to the farmer and cut out the middleman. To know the guy who raises the meat you eat and chat with him about it. Since I cook so much, in our household we don’t eat very much takeout/prepared/processed food, all high in sodium and so forth, so our diet probably isn’t too bad.

But-well, my wife likes a big, fat, well-marbled piece of steak better than anything in the world; me, I love a crispy piece of buttermilk-soaked, deep-fried chicken with some collard greens on the side, good old-fashioned southern soul-food. And we get busy like anyone else and order a pizza. Also, I love Chinese food, and love to go out for a good Chinese meal on my birthday and so forth. But mostly it’s all home-cooked, baby, which has got to be good news for the collective health of everyone in the Daddy household.

Q: What challenges impede your road to a fitter body?

A: Time, stress, inclination, deadlines, boredom. Making excuses… I try to go to the gym every day no matter what, but sometimes I just don’t feel like it, the whole enterprise seems moronic and empty-headed. On these occasions, I find, bringing an interesting book and doing a little light exercise on the “recumbent cycle” is just the ticket. Then you feel like you’re multi-tasking by “breaking a mental sweat as well,” as Ben Stiller’s character says in the movie Dodgeball.

This notion of multi-tasking is the only thing that gets Ms. Daddy out there, incidentally. She goes on a “dog jog” every morning. The dog gets a walk, she gets a workout; otherwise, within the context of a busy, three-kids, two-career, multiple-pet lifestyle, she wouldn’t feel like she could afford the time.

But as the saying goes: “If you can’t find time for health, you’ll have to find time for illness.”

Q: Do you have any health goals for 2009?

A: Stay at the gym longer, and work harder, once I get there. Become even more Obama-like in 2009, i.e. svelte, slim, and statesmanlike; and make it all look easy, look good, and look like you’re having fun, while you’re doing it. And never forget: the best exercise your heart can get is by showing a little love to those around you.

Mack D.

Dear Readers, please share with us your plans for staying fit. Or tell us about the challenges you face in an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Body Mass Index For Men

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Body mass index in other words called BMI is a way to find out whether an individual is over weighted or not. Body mass index assess height and weight of an individual. People think that muscle mass is also taken into consideration here, but no. BMI is calculated by a mathematical conversion. There is one way where you divide the person’s weigh by his height. There is also a way where you multiply that person’s weight by the number 705 and then divide by his height. If a person has a good BMI rate it has to be 18.5 to 24.9. Someone with a BMI of 25-29 this is mentioned as over weight. If it is more than 30 then it is obese.

This is a widely used system through out the world. It is said that it is very good to calculate your BMI before any major exercise. Body mass index is the first step to set up your health targets. You might feel your weight is normal, but your first step should be identifying you BMI level. So you can see where you have to work on. Sometimes the calculations can give you disappointing measurements, do not get discouraged by them, it made you reveal the truth. So the best thing is to work on your weight. Keeping your weight in a healthy position is so vital. Weight can make the difference between perfect and bad health. If you are not sure to start of with and struggling with your weight loosing issue BMI is the first thing you should work on. But always keep in mind that body mass index is not the only way of analyzing weight problems. It is just a very important tool used presently. Factors such as bone structure can also be important. BMI is a system used very frequently in health care centers. It can be called as very good weight assessing tool now a days. BMI measures the total weight a individual carries not the fat amount he carries. That should be very well understood.

When it comes to weight loss management you have to consider medical history, family history, and also body composition. So you can treat for your exact need. BMI is just a tool which shows you your exact state, finding solutions is a different part. Finding answers depends on your personal issue. Different people have different reason to put on weight. So each has to be treated differently. To loose weight the individual has a main part to play. It is up to him to work on it. You will have to commit your self to it. Working to get rid of body fat is not easy. It is a long term process. Regular exercises are a must. Special diet programs should be taken seriously. Maintaining good health habits is always the best way to control weight. It should be practiced regularly. So that we wont loose focus on our weight. These issues can be sought out at early stages before it gets a big problem.

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How do you stay so skinny?

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Sakes!  If I get asked one more time, “YOU just had a baby?  You’re so skinny…not fair!”… I’m gonna scream!!!  I’ve had complete strangers ask me how I stay so slender!!! What do people want to hear?  “Um, I eat healthy, exercise and drink alot of water?”  Or do people expect me to say, “Oh, gee-whiz, I live off of a strict diet of celery and diet rite, and I exercise, like, 10 hours a day”…  I don’t think so. Here is an article for you – How To Look Thinner …. Instantly.

Two and a half years ago, when Mike and I started dating, i was eating fast  food alot, not drinking enough water, drinking a pop a day, not sleeping enough and my body was paying the price.   I’m 5’7″ tall and at that time weighed in at 145 lbs.  My normal, happy, healthy weight is 125 lbs, so that was 20 lbs over!!!!  All my life, I’d been average or slender. I was over-weight, my jeans were bursting at the seams! I was unhappy with my over all health.  So I decided it was time to get my life straight and step up!

If anyone cares to read, and really wants to know the answer to the question, here’s the long and short of why I am the way I am.

I drink ALOT of water!  I don’t care for soda pop; Did you know that pop, even the diet stuff, is the leading cause for obesity in the US?  Look it up, it’s true!  SO why drink something that you know is bad for you?  I have an occasional rum and coke, a glass of milk a day, a cup of green tea if I need the caffeine, but aside from that, I just drink plain old tap water (6-9 glasses a day!).

I eat between four and five meals per day.  I get up with my kids at around 6am, and eat a bowl of cereal. My fave is peanut butter captain crunch.:)  Then, at around 10am, my tummy says it’s time to eat again, so I’ll make myself a peanut butter toast, or eat some cheese and an apple, just a light snack.  At lunchtime, it’s soup and a sandwich more often then not.  I eat my home-canned fish because tuna has too much mercury, much more than lake fish, and it tastes the same on a sandwich. Or sometimes I’ll have a grilled cheese or a meat and cheese sandwich.  I like low-fat soups, like vegetable, tomato, chicken noodle, etc, to go with it.  When my kids get home for school, we usually have a snack together, cheese and crackers, some graham crackers, maybe a pop tart. And for dinner, I cook the normal stuff, and we sit and eat as a family every night.  Each night we have one mandatory fruit or veggie.  I LOVE spinach salad.  We always have a starch of some sort, baked potatoes with butter and sour cream is my fave!  And we have a meat…I eat alot of steak, medium rare “moooooo!”.  Oh,  I also like pizza!  Papa murphy’s cowboy style!  We eat dessert, but only every other night, it’s my house rule.  We usually have ice cream (mmmm….moose tracks), or brownies, or smoothies.  I ‘ve learned that sweets are good in moderation.:)

As far as food goes, I am adimate that cooking/eating is not something we should do for fun, or necessarily to impress people.  Food is fuel for you body, period! Sure, it’s great to get together and have a BBQ, or holiday feast and cook goodies.  My hubbie and I and the fam have a dinner party with my folks once a month or so and celebrate all the holidays in the usual way.  We still eat healthy, we make sure to have our veggies, fruits, starches, protein and just  eat a bit more than average carbs during those festivities.

Your body needs the nutrients from food to work properly.  I’ve found that if my diet is high in fat, i feel tired and crappy.  But if I eat my normal diet filled with protein, vitamins, fiber and stuff, I feel great!  My point is, that there are alot of fun things to do in life, food should play a small role in that fun.  I don’t agonize over the stove for hours,  I cook it, put it on the table, we eat, clean up, and move on with the rest of our day.  I try to avoid fast food.  One day awhile back,  I sat down on my computer and googled fast food nutrition facts, after reading up on it, I just simply don’t enjoy eating junk much anymore! Did you know that an average fast food hamburger has 30 grams of fat?  30 GRAMS!!! That is the same as sitting down and eating 5 candy bars!  OMG!

Exercise will keep you young!  I don’t exercise every day.  I do yoga once a week.  I walk ALOT, and have always walked alot.  Ever since I had my first baby (eleven years ago!!) I have been walking baby all over town in the stroller or wagon…to the bank, to the post office, to the grocery store, etc.  Not only is it good for me, but it’s great for baby to be out and about in the fresh air, visiting with people, and seeing all that nature has to offer  We ride bikes as a family about once a week, too.  I excelled in kick-boxing, and loved it, but it makes by butt muscles look wierd, so I don’t do that as much anymore.:) Another good one that gets my heart racing is dancing!  The hubbie and I take one night each month for a date night, and we often dance at a club as our choice for a date.  What a fun way to burn calories and get our hearts pumping.:)

Hmmm..speaking of my hubbie?  Another great fat burner, and something that’s great for ya, that all couples usually do 3-4 times a week?  You guessed it, sex!  The endorphins released during climax are great for you.  It’s a natural drug. And did you know that you can burn up from 200-400 calories per hour?  Having an active sex life is proven to keep you happy and healthy.  Ever wonder why Mike and I both smile so much??? lol.

Anyway,  I was raised by parents who valued nutrition and exercise, so I learned from the best.  Even as an adult, i’ve learned even more about good health and learned to eat better by my own choice.  I think too many people try to blame something else like dna, or hormones, or stress, or being too busy as an excuse to eat poorly.  If you make excuses for your actions, and choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle, the only one you’re cheating is yourself.  I’m not the only one capable of being slender by living a healthy lifestyle.  I have alot of friends and family who share my philosophy, and who slender, too.  My bf Shirley is 40+ years old, has had two kids, has four grand-children and has an awesome body!  Although, I don’t think many people ask her about how she stays so fit…for of fear that she’ll pounce on them and sink her teeth in!!!

I am the way I am. God made me this way, he made you the way you are, we’re all different.  I often credit my DNA for my build.  My dad is tall and slender, too.  But if I said that my weight was due solely to one thing like DNA, I’d be lying, because as I said, I’ve been overweight, too.

I hope this answered everyone’s (or at least everyone who cares!) questions about me.  For all of you who were hoping that I was taking some miracle drug?  Sorry!  Hopefully some of what I wrote helps some of you get to your happy weight, though.

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