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Help For Teenagers? Losing Weight, Getting Rid of Cellulite…

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From a 16 year old’s perspective, getting older is hard. More responsibilities, paying taxes, not to mention, a slower metabolism, and getting wrinkles. I for one, find life hard at the age of 16. I am by no means overweight: 5’6”, around 128 pounds, but I have tons of stretch marks and cellulite. I am not over exaggerating in any sense of the word. This is an honest cry for help and attention for other teenagers like me. I know a lot of women think that it is easy for teens to loose weight, and it is, but only at first. As a teen, I have to worry about the nutrients that I give my body. It is very dangerous to loose weight when you are still growing and developing. While you are changing your body’s metabolism and changing how you eat, while your body is trying to change takes a toll. We have to get the right amount of food every day for our bodies to grow and for our brains to function properly. That is why sometimes I wish I were older because I read stories about women who go all out on exercise, and eat only the minimum, and they get results. I almost have to let my body loose weight naturally. Sure I could eat less one day and wake up a pound lighter, but that is temporary.

Most women would jump for joy when they see that on the scale. I don’t. I worry. What is my body’s regular weight? How can I tell if it keeps going up and down, day to day. I wish that there could be attention on this subject. Not on teens that are overweight, but the ones that want to loose a little, but do it safely. Teens have a lot of pressure to look a certain way. Just look at the Disney Channel Stars. Are any of them muscular or fit? No. I hate it when they blog, “I just ate a Big Mac”, and they are still small. That doesn’t make me feel good about myself. I don’t have a very fast metabolism, I have to watch what I eat, and I think the media doesn’t give enough attention to teens like us, the ones in the middle that may seem fine, but we have questions and concerns as well. Do you agree with me?

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Fathers of Isometric Exercises

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The isometric exercise routine has been used and taught for over a century. Many famous men are associated with this type of exercise and this practice has produced some of the world’s strongest men.

Alexander Zass was a Polish strong man. In the early 1900s, he was introduced to Isometric exercises by the famous Russians Krelov, Anokhin, and Demetrioff. Zass, Fillary and Waldron are a few of the fathers of isometric programs. The Golden Era of Iron Men refers to men such as Roger Fillary and Gil Waldron.

A workout program known as “The Holy Grail” was created and implemented by the great Alexander Zass. The program format is still used today in modern gyms around the world. Modifications are present in these practices of today because the original program has yet to be found. When looking back throughout history, we get glimpses of his principles.

While enduring the grueling practice of martial arts training, Bruce Lee put into practice the muscle strengthening isometric exercise system. Forging his way into the fitness world, isometrics made him a modern day father of this type of fitness.

Perhaps the names of these famous body builders are somewhat familiar, and include such men as Charles Atlas, Bernarr McFadden and Eugen Sandow. These men followed the system of isometric practices. This technique can produce insurmountable human strength.

When looking at history, the circus strong man is still amazing to watch. Zass, the most famous carnival iron man has the respect of men and women body builders from all time periods.

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Lighten Up

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We should all be concerned about our own general fitness level. Getting lean, fit, and strong is a some thing that we should all take seriously, but we should all have fun with it. If you are not enjoying the workout that you are doing or the food that you are eating you are not going to hold on.

Unless you are really serious about your training you are not going to do it if you do not really like it. There are ways to spice up your physical fitness life, and have a good time. Here are some pretty good ideas that you can use to get your fitness plan back to fun. Doing exercise does not have to be torture.

Get the most out of every workout that you do. This makes you feel great all day long and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Even if your day is going bad you have at least one good thing that you say that you did for yourself that was actually positive. That is what a good exercise program can do for you.

Go outside.. Now that it is summer time you can get outside and and get your workouts in. That’s right, it is always much funner if you use the out doors as your gym. It is much better then a stuffy gym and it seems to really fire you up and give you motivation. You can bring your dumbells with you to the park and use the gym equipment that is there to get your workout in. The local park has every thing that you need to get a good workout.

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