Common Symptoms: Blood in Stool

For hemorrhoid sufferers, the most common symptoms of blood in stool was the one that made them the most nervous. You read a lot of rubbish about how this means that you must have cancer.  Finding bright red blood in the toilet bowl or on the tissue isn’t pleasant but it doesn’t mean that you have a life threatening illness. You could simply have an anal fissure i.e. a cut in the skin on your anus which will bleed when you open your bowels to evacuate the contents.

You could have piles or you could have something more sinister but the fact it is bright red or maroon blood is actually a good sign.  It is the darker tarry blood that usually accompanies the worst illnesses but as I am not a doctor you do need to discuss any new symptom of blood in stool with your medical advisor.

There are some things you can do at home to help ease your symptoms and discomfort. Drinking more water will help to reduce constipation. This is turn will stop you having to strain when passing a motion but it will not in itself cure piles.  When you are suffering you should wear cotton underwear as it is least likely to aggravate the problem.  Also use any un-perfumed toilet tissue apart from white.  White toilet tissue can aggravate the itching due to the bleach that is used to whiten it and so is best avoided.  A bath with a small amount of salt in it might be soothing as well but it is a bit unrealistic to have a bath every time the itchiness causes discomfort. You would never get out of it!

Blood in stool symptoms are only one of the many that both internal and external hemorrhoids can cause.  An internal hemorrhoid is the term used to describe the problem veins that occur inside the anus and external the ones outside.  Sometimes the piles can drop causing small lumps to fall outside of your anal opening. These could feel like a tiny bunch of grapes.  This is extremely unpleasant and can be particularly painful.

Hemorrhoidmiracle will explain the other symptoms that are likely to be causing you some discomfort are pain both as a constant ache and more severe when you actually pass a bowel movement.  You may also have an intensely itchy rear end and depending on the blood loss you may be suffering from anemia as well.

These symptoms, blood in stool being the most worrying, can be cured when you get rid of the hemorrhoids.  The sad fact is that you do not need to suffer embarrassment or an aggravating itch you can’t scratch, well at least not in public. Instead visit hemorrhoidmiracle for some great information. Millions of people suffer from piles and are too embarrassed to do anything about it.  I can understand you not wanting to walk into a drug store and announce your blood in stool symptoms to the world.  I would feel the same way hence why I think buying a book online, that has been proven to help similar sufferers, is much more discrete.

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