Exercises on How to Get Rid of Back Fat

There needs to be a post on how to get rid of back fat, even though I can hear your groans already I’m afraid. One of the first things I asked when I initially had a weight problem was how do i remove my fat on back? Needless to say the answer was work and a lot of it. Looking back with what I know now, I probably could have had a much easier time of it but that’s water under the bridge as they say.

Before you get started with any kind of exercise, you need to look at your diet. That fat came from somewhere so you probably need to re-evaluate your meals. Now I’m not a fan of diets which cut down completely everything you want to eat they make you miserable and it’s so hard to stick to, but at least use moderation. I’ll talk more on this later.

For specific exercises on how to get rid of back fat I can suggest the following three.

1. The first back fat exercise involves lying flat on your back and pulling your knee towards the shoulder on the same side. Bend your second knee but keep that foot flat, the same as your back, this works a lot better if you use a harder surface rather than something like a mattress. Hold for around thirty seconds before switching to the other leg, do it for each leg four or five times.

2. The second one how to get rid of the fat involves sitting in a chair (as you can see from the image). Similar to the first one, you’re going to pull your knees up towards your chest but this time both of them, while holding onto your feet. Do this about four to five times for about thirty seconds each time.

3. The third back fat exercise I’d like to show you, again, needs a flat hard surface. Go on your hands and knees and slowly arch your back and abdomen towards the floor. You should certainly feel a stretch with this one. Hold for around thirty seconds and repeat around four or five times.

Unfortunately learning how to treat it and love handles (these are good exercises for those as well) takes a little more than these three but it’s certainly a start. Sure you can stretch and pull till you’re blue in the face but let’s face it, working out is hard so knowing the right way to do things certainly helps. To key to get rid of fat of any kind whether you want to remove stomach fat or back fat is consistency and understanding.