How do Podiatrists Treat Blisters on Feet?

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Foot blisters are a very common problem suffered by people who wear shoes for long periods of time such as walkers and athletes. Active people run the risk of developing these blood blisters on the outer skin of their feet which can be painful and debilitating at the same time. Some severe cases of blisters on feet can restrict a person from doing household chores and can hamper a normal daily routine. Most foot blisters heal naturally but some need medical treatment. When encountered with foot blisters that won’t heal naturally, you should immediately consult a podiatrist.

What are Podiatrists and how can they help?

A podiatrist is a trained medical doctor who is an expert in dealing with problems related to the ankle, foot and the lower leg. This is the specialist to go to if you are suffering from an in-grown toe nail, a foot blister, or other foot related conditions. A podiatrist is better equipped to assess the condition of a foot blister and to advise a person about possible treatments. In addition to treating blisters on feet, a podiatrist specializes in the fields of sports medicine, surgery and bio-mechanics.

Podiatrists play a very important role in treating blisters on feet. They first determine the cause of the formation of the blisters on the patient’s toe or foot then proceeds towards treatment.  If the foot blister is a small one, the podiatrist will likely prescribe a topical medication to treat it. If the foot blister is large, the podiatrist may recommend surgery. The best thing about getting treatment from a podiatrist is that the doctor is skilled at preventing an infection from occurring during treatment.

Call a Podiatrist If Needed

Many people think it is a waste of time and money to consult a podiatrist for treating foot blisters because they believe that the treatment of blisters on feet can be taken care of at home. Although it is true that many blisters can be treated by home remedies, in many cases the blisters can become infected by home remedies too. People that are diabetic need to be very watchful of a blister on foot because if it is not treated promptly it can result in many complications. Therefore, diabetic patients need to consult a podiatrist immediately if they find a blister forming on their foot or toe.

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