How do you stay so skinny?

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Sakes!  If I get asked one more time, “YOU just had a baby?  You’re so skinny…not fair!”… I’m gonna scream!!!  I’ve had complete strangers ask me how I stay so slender!!! What do people want to hear?  “Um, I eat healthy, exercise and drink alot of water?”  Or do people expect me to say, “Oh, gee-whiz, I live off of a strict diet of celery and diet rite, and I exercise, like, 10 hours a day”…  I don’t think so. Here is an article for you – How To Look Thinner …. Instantly.

Two and a half years ago, when Mike and I started dating, i was eating fast  food alot, not drinking enough water, drinking a pop a day, not sleeping enough and my body was paying the price.   I’m 5’7″ tall and at that time weighed in at 145 lbs.  My normal, happy, healthy weight is 125 lbs, so that was 20 lbs over!!!!  All my life, I’d been average or slender. I was over-weight, my jeans were bursting at the seams! I was unhappy with my over all health.  So I decided it was time to get my life straight and step up!

If anyone cares to read, and really wants to know the answer to the question, here’s the long and short of why I am the way I am.

I drink ALOT of water!  I don’t care for soda pop; Did you know that pop, even the diet stuff, is the leading cause for obesity in the US?  Look it up, it’s true!  SO why drink something that you know is bad for you?  I have an occasional rum and coke, a glass of milk a day, a cup of green tea if I need the caffeine, but aside from that, I just drink plain old tap water (6-9 glasses a day!).

I eat between four and five meals per day.  I get up with my kids at around 6am, and eat a bowl of cereal. My fave is peanut butter captain crunch.:)  Then, at around 10am, my tummy says it’s time to eat again, so I’ll make myself a peanut butter toast, or eat some cheese and an apple, just a light snack.  At lunchtime, it’s soup and a sandwich more often then not.  I eat my home-canned fish because tuna has too much mercury, much more than lake fish, and it tastes the same on a sandwich. Or sometimes I’ll have a grilled cheese or a meat and cheese sandwich.  I like low-fat soups, like vegetable, tomato, chicken noodle, etc, to go with it.  When my kids get home for school, we usually have a snack together, cheese and crackers, some graham crackers, maybe a pop tart. And for dinner, I cook the normal stuff, and we sit and eat as a family every night.  Each night we have one mandatory fruit or veggie.  I LOVE spinach salad.  We always have a starch of some sort, baked potatoes with butter and sour cream is my fave!  And we have a meat…I eat alot of steak, medium rare “moooooo!”.  Oh,  I also like pizza!  Papa murphy’s cowboy style!  We eat dessert, but only every other night, it’s my house rule.  We usually have ice cream (mmmm….moose tracks), or brownies, or smoothies.  I ‘ve learned that sweets are good in moderation.:)

As far as food goes, I am adimate that cooking/eating is not something we should do for fun, or necessarily to impress people.  Food is fuel for you body, period! Sure, it’s great to get together and have a BBQ, or holiday feast and cook goodies.  My hubbie and I and the fam have a dinner party with my folks once a month or so and celebrate all the holidays in the usual way.  We still eat healthy, we make sure to have our veggies, fruits, starches, protein and just  eat a bit more than average carbs during those festivities.

Your body needs the nutrients from food to work properly.  I’ve found that if my diet is high in fat, i feel tired and crappy.  But if I eat my normal diet filled with protein, vitamins, fiber and stuff, I feel great!  My point is, that there are alot of fun things to do in life, food should play a small role in that fun.  I don’t agonize over the stove for hours,  I cook it, put it on the table, we eat, clean up, and move on with the rest of our day.  I try to avoid fast food.  One day awhile back,  I sat down on my computer and googled fast food nutrition facts, after reading up on it, I just simply don’t enjoy eating junk much anymore! Did you know that an average fast food hamburger has 30 grams of fat?  30 GRAMS!!! That is the same as sitting down and eating 5 candy bars!  OMG!

Exercise will keep you young!  I don’t exercise every day.  I do yoga once a week.  I walk ALOT, and have always walked alot.  Ever since I had my first baby (eleven years ago!!) I have been walking baby all over town in the stroller or wagon…to the bank, to the post office, to the grocery store, etc.  Not only is it good for me, but it’s great for baby to be out and about in the fresh air, visiting with people, and seeing all that nature has to offer  We ride bikes as a family about once a week, too.  I excelled in kick-boxing, and loved it, but it makes by butt muscles look wierd, so I don’t do that as much anymore.:) Another good one that gets my heart racing is dancing!  The hubbie and I take one night each month for a date night, and we often dance at a club as our choice for a date.  What a fun way to burn calories and get our hearts pumping.:)

Hmmm..speaking of my hubbie?  Another great fat burner, and something that’s great for ya, that all couples usually do 3-4 times a week?  You guessed it, sex!  The endorphins released during climax are great for you.  It’s a natural drug. And did you know that you can burn up from 200-400 calories per hour?  Having an active sex life is proven to keep you happy and healthy.  Ever wonder why Mike and I both smile so much??? lol.

Anyway,  I was raised by parents who valued nutrition and exercise, so I learned from the best.  Even as an adult, i’ve learned even more about good health and learned to eat better by my own choice.  I think too many people try to blame something else like dna, or hormones, or stress, or being too busy as an excuse to eat poorly.  If you make excuses for your actions, and choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle, the only one you’re cheating is yourself.  I’m not the only one capable of being slender by living a healthy lifestyle.  I have alot of friends and family who share my philosophy, and who slender, too.  My bf Shirley is 40+ years old, has had two kids, has four grand-children and has an awesome body!  Although, I don’t think many people ask her about how she stays so fit…for of fear that she’ll pounce on them and sink her teeth in!!!

I am the way I am. God made me this way, he made you the way you are, we’re all different.  I often credit my DNA for my build.  My dad is tall and slender, too.  But if I said that my weight was due solely to one thing like DNA, I’d be lying, because as I said, I’ve been overweight, too.

I hope this answered everyone’s (or at least everyone who cares!) questions about me.  For all of you who were hoping that I was taking some miracle drug?  Sorry!  Hopefully some of what I wrote helps some of you get to your happy weight, though.

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