Intermittent Fasting Diet

Always talk to your Doctor before embarking on a diet. This is one that I am experimenting on in many different facets and intervals.

My history – I started out at 253 lbs and slowly whittled my way down to 243. With smoothies and some intermittent dieting I have brought myself a bit lower. I have high blood pressure and am obese. But my mindset is strong – I am confident that with what I have researched about Intermittent Fasting – I can bring down the weight and the blood pressure.

There are unlimited ways of intermittent fasting. One way is the every other day fasting. Another method that is becoming quite popular is the 5:2 method whereupon for 5 days one eats normal whether it is meat and potatoes, lots of vegetables (whatever) and then 2 days you fast by eating 500-600 calories those days.

I have to – have to – have to quickly bring myself down below 220. Why? Because that will bring me to just the overweight category rather than obese. I’ve gotten my mind on my side now. There isn’t the slightest doubt that I can do it.