Strep Throat in Adults

An infection that occurs in the mucous lining of pharynx or sometimes even in the tonsils and larynx is termed as strep throat. People belonging to all age groups can be a victim of strep throat though it occurs more in the teenagers and kids. Adults are also a victim of this epidemic disease so it’s better to have a review of how this disease affects adults and what does strep throat look like and what are the symptoms.

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A strain of bacteria which is known as streptococcus bacteria belonging to group A is thought to be the cause of Strep throat infection. This disease is contagious and spreads with ease when the infected person sneezes or coughs. The responsible bacterium is mostly present in throat and nose and lives there for many days and even months but symptoms are seen when person experiences low immune system or is under stress. Observable symptoms and signs of strep throat in adults are headache, sore throat and fever. Sometimes swollen neck glands and formation of pus cells on the back and side of throat are also considered as strep throat symptoms.

Diagnosis of strep throat is done by checking the symptoms and doing physical examination of the adult. Throat culture is done for confirmation of strep throat by the physician. Administration of antibiotics is the most common treatment for strep throat. Pain killers are also given to relieve throat pain. But make sure to undergo treatments because severe complications result if strep throat not treated properly. Symptoms may be reduced by administrating antibiotics and the person is not contagious any more. In some cases symptoms may also be reduced without the usage of medications but the person would still be a house of infections and can harm others as well. Plenty of juices and gargling with hot water are some of the home remedies that the physician may also prescribe for strep throat treatment.

But things that are to be kept in mind so that strep throat in adults does not occur are maintenance of personal hygiene. Practice washing hands before food consumption and even after that. Use tissue to cover mouth when coughing and sneezing and then dispose the tissue after use.

Strep throat in adult people is caused by the bacteria named as streptococcus pyogens and it causes infection due to weak immune system and stress. In adults strep throat is accompanied by running nose and cough. Some other bacteria which are the reasons for strep throat are hemophilus influenza and staphylococcus. Lack of rest, proper sleep, unhealthy lifestyles and stress are some of the factors which cause strep throat in adult.

If untreated or mistreated there are certain complications that strep throat can produce in adults which include kidney inflammation, acute rheumatic fever, tonsillopharyngeal cellulitis or abscess (in which severe throat inflammation occurs and pus cell accumulate as well) and ear infection occurs. Children have stronger immune system than adults so adults must not take this disease lightly and must go for proper prevention and appropriate treatments.

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