Ten Eco-Friendly Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is plagued with criticism for being too commercial or too depressing and falling on a Tuesday this year doesn’t seem to make things any easier. Green dating doesn’t have to mean recycling or planting a tree, there are many fun, eco-friendly ways to celebrate inexpensively and stress-free, here are some of our favorites:

For food lovers:

1. Cook a romantic Vegetarian or Vegan dinner together (try some of these delicious recipes)2. Take the ‘Eat Local’ challenge if only for one night and head to your local farmers market.

3. Go to an organic wine-tasting, or hold your own at home! If you’re up to it try to make your own wine.

4. Have a picnic under the stars (make sure to pack food in a way that avoids waste or littering). Too cold? Have one in your living room! Soy candles are like scented stars.

Lets Get Physical:

5. Take a bike ride together, go hiking or even kayaking if you’re able to.

6. Go ice skating, sledding or have a snowball fight.

7. Volunteer somewhere and spread the love, doing something charitable together will make you feel closer.

Quirky Dates:

8. Get crafty and try some DIY projects together.

9. Play metro roulette: Take public transportation to a neighborhood or area of town you’ve never been and explore it together.

10. Head antiquing or shopping at thrift shops and different second hand stores to see what you find.

More tips for Valentine’s Day:

-Choose plants over flowers. They last longer and are cheaper.

-Make your own Valentine’s Day card out of recycled materials you have around your home.

-Choose eco-friendly gift wrap or some of these alternatives.

-Staying in? Stick with (soy) candlelight. It’s more romantic and saves energy.

What are your green tips/date ideas for Valentine’s Day?


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