Sync 'Publications' with 'Works'

Since ORCID’s launch in October 2012, more than 680,000 researchers and scholars have registered for an ORCID iD.

What I think made the early adoptions so successful was the public release of ORCID API and the rapid development of ORCID integration tools. It is notable that the members of ORCID has generated more registrations than ORCID’s own platform by boosting the ORCID adoption through the tools that integrate ORCID with other resources such as Scopus and Figshare.

“Mendeley to ORCID” is an additional integration tool I propose, which is also expected to boost the registration even more.

Mendeley has over 2.5 million researchers around the world, and their profile information is assumed to be kept in Mendeley already. There are many compatible data fields existing both in ORCID and Mendeley, namely Works, Education, Employment, Funding, Personal Information and series of ORCID required fields which match very well with Mendeley profile, that is, Publications, Professional Experience, Education, Awards and Grants, Biological Information.

Therefore, users will find the connection between the two services very effective and useful. Actually, I'm seeing a growing demand for the connection recently, and thus “Mendeley to ORCID” would be promising to accelerate ORCID registration further.

This app is the beta version of “Mendeley to ORCID”, developed using the APIs provided by Mendeley and ORCID.

Please contact me via Twitter if you have questions or comments. - Keita Bando, Mendeley Advisor and ORCID Ambassador (May 7, 2014)